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Inspiration Board : embellished 'Saturday' napkins

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Our dear friends at Kate Spade ‘Saturday’ design many great things. I especially like their home collection. When I saw these napkins, I right away thought of my mom’s house. Perfect, as her birthday was coming up.   I personalized them using a simple running stitch and let the graphic pattern inspire me (as I had done …

Have You Seen This? : Lena Corwin's new book "Made by Hand"

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We have been fans of designer/illustrator/author Lena Corwin for a long time so when we received her newest book Made by Hand, we were thrilled. It is a collection of beautiful projects based on classes that she held at her studio. If you haven’t seen her other books Printing by Hand and Maps, and the artist …

Make It : recycled magazine postcards

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  Throwing away pieces of yarn, fabric, wrapping paper and magazines is always difficult for me. You never know where you might use them, no ?! However, after months of magazines piled up, I figured I’d have to do something. I started by tearing out the beautiful pages, which already made the pile smaller. And, after …

Have You Seen This? : hand knit bat

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Not all Halloween decor has to be scary … how about sweet and cuddly instead ?! I really love Anne Catherine’s knit bat. We introduced you to her amazing knitting patterns before, but this bat seems perfect for this time of year, no ?! (and so does knitting) Don’t be scared to knit, give and cuddle (way beyond Halloween that is)…

Contests & Prizes : Knit Kit

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Anne Catherine and I have known each other for 14 years. We met when she first started freelancing with us for Martha by Mail. We’d develop all sorts of craft kits together, but we loved it most when yarn was involved.  Sadly there is no more Martha by Mail, and just as sadly, Anne Catherine moved …

Make It : fabric laminated trays

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Have you seen these laminated trays in the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living !? They’re my new favorite project. I  chose red, white and blue patterns for this 4th July story , but they’ll look great all summer, or year for that matter. I’ve since made several as gifts for my dearest friends,  who …

Inspiration Board : personalized wedding gifts

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Two very special friends got married last month. Super Crafter Blake, and Stylist Extraordinaire Liz. Both a week apart from each other, both to Australian men, here in New York, and I was lucky enough to be part of both celebrations. Obviously I wanted to give something special, something personal, but then again they have …

Have You Seen This? : thank you 'gift'

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Every time I order from this great place Brookfarm General Store in Brooklyn (it’s where I get the Postalco notebooks I love so much), I’m so happy to open the package and find their little ‘thank you’ included. So when I just received another order (psst, it’s for Blake), I just had to share this with everyone. …