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Toy Bunnies

Make It : Toy Bunnies

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I can’t get over the cuteness of this stuffed bunny—one of the many brilliant projects from Silke’s Menswear story that appeared in Martha Stewart Living last March. I’ve been thinking about making one since I first saw it a couple years ago. And finally I’ve found the perfect occasion—a special little friend is about to …

Design Your Own Converse - Yes, Please

Inspiration Board : Design Your Own Converse - Yes, Please

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For my niece’s 8th birthday we decided to customize a pair of Converse sneakers for her. Converse has a great website that allows you to choose almost every detail of the shoes, right down to the color of the stitching and embroidering your name. For Molly, it was all about neon and as much color …

Plus Baby = (Doll) Family

Make It : Plus Baby = (Doll) Family

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Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to make a baby doll for my cousin!? Well, Ronja was just born, and I’m so happy for her sweet parents (and now I have a reason to make another doll). I made a baby doll with a bunting body rather than with legs. It is pretty much the …

The New

On The Web : The New "Our Finds" Blog

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You may be familiar with the Our Finds section of Martha Stewart Living (a collection of the editors’ favorite products, places, foods, artisans, etc.). But have you seen the brand new Our Finds blog?   Check out our post today! &nbsp…

Baby Cards

Make It : Baby Cards

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It seems like everyone I know is having a baby this summer! I have three gifts to send off to happy new parents this week, so I thought it would be efficient to do some assembly-line-style card-making. You will need a circle cutter, circle punches in 2-1/2″,  3/4″, and 1/4″ diameters, scissors, double-sided tape, chalk, …

Celebrate : Money Gift Box

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My son was recently invited to his first Bar Mitzvah. After asking around, I quickly found out that money was the desired gift to bring. I guess that makes it easy, but at least I wanted to make the packaging a little fun. So I came across this website and started folding. It was quite …


Inspiration Board : Fireworks!

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Happy 4th Of July! Although there are many things to love about the 4th, my favorite part of the day is the end, when the fireworks explode in all their glory. The lights, the colors, the sound, and all the ohhhs and ahhhs always thrills me. So when my friend Daniele-Boglivi Fiori shared these images …

Make It : Crochet Sea Creatures

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I had admired  Wunderkammer before, but when my son told me about his teacher’s love for sea horses, I finally decided it was time to attempt one of Jessica Polka’s amazing crochet patterns. I learned how to crochet from my grandma, but I’m much more confident with knitting and have never followed a crochet pattern. …