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Make It : Angela Liguori albums

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About 5 years ago I received a package filled with cotton ribbons in the most beautiful colors. They came from Angela Liguori, who had started importing them from Italy. I put the little pile on my desk, and that’s where they’ve lived ever since. They make me happy, inspire color combinations, and remind me how …

Around Town : Liberty of London Art Fabrics

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I recently went to one of our favorite NYC shops, Pins & Needles, to pick up some supplies and get advice for this baby blanket I’ve since finished-   I got some extra-soft batting and a little help with the construction from Rachel, the shop’s owner.  I chose two plaid cottons (a nod to Tartan- …

Around Town : City Bird, Detroit

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The final stop on our shops tour is Detroit, Michigan.  Emily Linn of City Bird is the author of our guest post today.  Emily and her brother Andy, lifelong, seventh generation Detroiters, founded City Bird in 2005.   We hope you enjoyed this peek at just a few of our favorite stores- please leave a …

Inspiration Board : Pretty Notebooks

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Our amazing intern Dani left us to return to RISD, but she left these lovely thank you gifts in her place- It looks like she used painters tape to mask off shapes and paint bright accents on these Moleskine notebooks.  She tucked our favorite Muji pens into a rubber band on the notebook.  The best …

Make It : Studded Accessories

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I’ve been seriously coveting some of the studded fashion that is out in the world these days.  It seems like every article of clothing and accessory can be embellished- and from runway to DIY, everyone’s doing it. Check out our web-exclusive story on making studded accessories- easy, low-commitment projects that will compliment any outfit and …

Make It : Handmade Gifts

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In keeping with our “Christmas in July” theme, we’re bringing you a round-up of small, handmade gifts that are sure to get you in the spirit. For those that celebrate Christmas in July in places like Australia and New Zealand, it’s customary to have an intimate Christmas meal or party and exchange small gifts in …

On The Web : Hostess Gifts

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If you’re planning to visit friends or family on your summer vacation, make sure to bring along some hand-crafted host and hostess gifts!  You may have seen these stenciled coasters in August Good Things- (Stock up on coasters here.) Pair them with a bottle of booze, or for that extra DIY touch, infuse your own! …

Make It : fabric note cards

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  When my mom was visiting last time, I was in the middle of my fabric clean up. She was admiring this Japanese fabric, so I’ve been thinking about ideas for what to make with the small piece of it I had. I decided to make some cards for her, as she still sends notes the …