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Pearl Eyeballs

Make It : Pearl Eyeballs

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Here’s a fun little craft to do before Halloween rolls around—eyeball jewelry!—using inexpensive, faux pearls, a few basic paint colors, and a fine-tip permanent red marker. LOOK through the photo gallery to SEE how it’s done: While you’re at it, make some eyeball pinheads for your pincushion. You’ll giggle (or gasp!) every time you open …

Make It : Happy April Fool's Day!

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Here’s lookin’ at you on April Fool’s Day! I have to admit that I’m obsessed with googley eyes! My fascination with the charming little craft supply is in part due to Amy Sedaris’ googley eye craft challenge. Leading up to today, I inconspicuously placed googley eyes all around the office in attempt to incite smiles. …