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Celebrate : French 'revolutionary' kids costumes

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  Given that the last 2 years we had storms and therefore Halloween was cancelled, I haven’t had a chance to make costumes in a while. So, when given the assignment to create kids costumes with a French feel for our Halloween Special issue, I was thrilled. I was determined to make them really simple, …

Inspiration Board : Halloween Special Issue

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  Though we give you plenty of inspiring Halloween projects in our October issue of Martha Stewart Living, you should take a look at our new Halloween Special Issue. You will meet ‘Fairy Grand Martha’, and  learn how to magically create many more Costumes. A low-sew chic gown for Little Red Riding Hood, and not much more …

Have You Seen This? : hand knit bat

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Not all Halloween decor has to be scary … how about sweet and cuddly instead ?! I really love Anne Catherine’s knit bat. We introduced you to her amazing knitting patterns before, but this bat seems perfect for this time of year, no ?! (and so does knitting) Don’t be scared to knit, give and cuddle (way beyond Halloween that is)…

Inspiration Board : The October issue of Living

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Our October issue of Martha Stewart Living is full of ideas for the Fall season, but as crafters we of course are biased to the many Halloween ideas. The cover is only a sneak peak of Marcie’s beautiful pumpkin story, which takes ‘carving’ to a new and unexpected level.   Speaking of unexpected – take …

On The Web : Halloween Fun House Arsenal

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The Halloween Fun House story in the October Issue of Living came to life with the help of some of our favorite vendors. It was a lot of fun to find market items that fit the Fun House theme – Stripes! Balloons! Rubber Ducks! All these items can be found easily for a great price …

Make It : Halloween Fun House

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Have you seen the Halloween Fun House story in the October issue of Living? In it we bring you projects to help you create your own spooky, carnival-esq atmosphere right at home complete with wacky, warped mirrors, black candy apples, black peanuts, a hidden prize duck pool, and much more. Here in the Crafts Department …

Around Town : Maniac Pumpkins

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 We can certainly be a little pumpkin crazy at Martha Stewart Living but we have met our match in terms of pumpkin enthusiasts.  Maniac Pumpkin Carvers,  the Brooklyn based duo of Marc Evan and Chris Soria, have a passion for pumpkins that is quite remarkable.    They are trained artists who have a seasonal medium that …

Our Sources : Pumpkin Teeth

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 I was so excited to get some Pumpkin Teeth in the mail recently- a variety of sizes for pumpkins small to large- The beauty of these guys is that each tooth is attached individually, creating a variety of different looks.  You can go minimalist- Here I’ve used 2 different sized fangs- Or use square teeth, for …