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Halloween Special Issue Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special Issue Costumes

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I had SO much fun developing the costumes for this year’s Halloween Special Issue. You’ve seen Martha’s “Motha” costume in action, but have you seen the other six B-Movie-themed costumes that accompany her? Flip through the pages of the special issue and you’ll find some classic camp characters reinvented with basic supplies found at hardware …

Behind the Scenes : October's iPad Animation

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You may recognize this photo from October’s Living. If you take a look at October’s iPad version of Living, you’ll also find this animation (along with several more animated surprises and instructional videos!). We shot for eight hours and took 221 photos to create this Halloween animation. And you have no idea how much black …

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Finds

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It seems there’s a surprise around every corner of this office. One of the best things about working here is stumbling upon really beautiful materials and objects that are either unplanned, unused, or waiting to be repurposed. Below are some of my favorite examples of the craft room’s little wonders and surprises; pumpkins waiting to …

Halloween BONE jewelry

Behind the Scenes : Halloween BONE jewelry

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When I heard we were having a bone show for Halloween, I wondered what Martha could wear to go with the theme. She already had her spellbinding sorceress costume, so instead of transforming her, I thought maybe she could wear a few bold pieces of jewelry. Originally I was caught up with making a real …

Felted Dog Wigs

Make It : Felted Dog Wigs

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In preparation for Halloween, I was given the task of developing costumes for Martha’s gorgeous Frenchies, Sharkey and Francesca. What better way to show off the girls’ fabulousness than with brand-new hairdos! Check out the gallery below for instructions on how you too can fashion wigs for your dogs using wool and a very simple …

Halloween Decorations

Around Town : Halloween Decorations

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Some Halloween inspiration I passed on my walk to work this morning—all the decorations really get me in the spirit! And you wouldn’t believe how many Halloween decorating ideas we’ve got!…

Inspiration Board : My Home Office Wall, Part 2

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Since hanging the home office wall I shared with you a while ago, I’ve gathered many more things I love to look at. Strangely, they’re all dark. Must be the time of year?! Halloween all around me?! Not that any of it is spooky—again it’s a collection of presents from friends from their travels (Shane from …

Contests & Prizes : Congratulations Halloween Silhouette and Label Winners!

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Congratulations Andrea and Catherine M., you’re our giveaway winners!  Please send your mailing addresses to us at so we can send out your prizes in time for the festivities. Thanks to everyone who commented!  There were so many great suggestions it was tough to decide, but here is your Halloween 2010 playlist: Thriller (Michael Jackson) Monster …