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Googly Eye Fun!

Make It : Googly Eye Fun!

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Sometimes it’s the simplest projects that bring me great joy. And really, who doesn’t love a good googly eye project? So when I made these bangles for a fun Halloween idea for Martha to do on the show, I couldn’t stop smiling, and thinking of other accessories that could be covered with a bunch of …

Contests & Prizes : Halloween Giveaway!

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Want to deck your halls with these creepy, crawly, hair-raising silhouettes? What about some labels for your homemade witches brew? Well here’s your chance: WE’RE GIVING A SET OF EACH TO 2 LUCKY WINNERS! For a chance to win these silhouettes and beverage labels, leave us a comment with your favorite Halloween song*, along with …

Homemade Owl Pellets. Yuck!

Make It : Homemade Owl Pellets. Yuck!

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I have always been fascinated with science, anatomy, and animals. Outside of the art room, one of my fondest memories from middle school goes back to the science lab—I believe it was 7th grade that we were given owl pellets to dissect. An owl pellet is ”the mass of undigested parts of the bird’s food that …

Contests & Prizes : Congratulations Halloween Wall Cling Winners!

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Congratulations, Sandy Bayles and Stefeni, you’re the winners of our vampire wall cling! Please send your mailing addresses to us at so we can send out your prizes. Thanks so much to everyone who commented—we love to hear your holiday decorating ideas!…

Make It : Accessorize for Halloween

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Halloween weekend is just two weeks away! If you’re not the type to don a head-to-toe costume, here are some easy accessories that can be paired with any outfit you choose. Want to look like Madame Butterfly? How about a mousy updo? The sun never sets on cool with these spider shades. A chic cobweb shawl …

Contests & Prizes : Halloween Wall Cling Giveaway!

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Thinking of ways to get your home ready for Halloween?  How about these wall clings? WE’RE GIVING AWAY TWO FREE SETS! For a chance to win this vampire and his hair-raising friends, leave us a comment about your best Halloween decorating idea, along with your name and a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received …

Embroidered Halloween Badges Tutorial

Make It : Embroidered Halloween Badges Tutorial

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Today’s guest project is brought to us by Stephanie Housley from Coral & Tusk. What originally started as a handmade baby gift has since turned into a business of embroidered goods (and other delights) with a little help from our very own magazine! “I decided to create my own version of the game “Memory.” I …

Dinosaur Bones!

Make It : Dinosaur Bones!

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Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex! If you have ever wanted to make a dinosaur bone and weren’t able to come to Maker Faire this past weekend, here’s a quick how-to: Materials: newspaper masking tape tea (optional, to dye the water for a more aged-looking bone) plaster cloth (we used Rigid Wrap) cut into strips Instructions: …