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Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

Inspiration Board : Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

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A group of us usually get together in early December for a gift exchange “secret santa”  We each draw a name and make a gift for that person.  This year we didn’t get it together before Christmas and a new tradition was born – from now on we will have Secret Valentine instead of Secret …

Make It : Beeswax Sheets

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Today on the show, Martha demonstrated rolling your own taper candles from beeswax sheets—an easy craft for those of you who love the idea of candle making, but may be intimidated by melting and pouring wax. And once you get the hang of the process for tapers (explained here), you can make candles of any …

Handmade Gift Ideas

Make It : Handmade Gift Ideas

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There is still plenty of time to make some great gifts for friends and family this season.  We have a great handmade gift gallery with ideas for all types of crafters.  If you are looking for gift giving inspiration and how-to it is worth checking out.  Here are a few of the projects…