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Make It : Wood Flower Wreath

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Have you seen the beautiful wreath on page 70 of the November issue of Living? It’s made of tapioca wooden flowers and can last for years. Marcie found these at Jamali Garden, one of our favorite sources (online and a store in New York) for garden and floral supplies. The base of this wreath is …

Make It : Angela Liguori albums

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About 5 years ago I received a package filled with cotton ribbons in the most beautiful colors. They came from Angela Liguori, who had started importing them from Italy. I put the little pile on my desk, and that’s where they’ve lived ever since. They make me happy, inspire color combinations, and remind me how …

Our Sources : Pumpkin Teeth

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 I was so excited to get some Pumpkin Teeth in the mail recently- a variety of sizes for pumpkins small to large- The beauty of these guys is that each tooth is attached individually, creating a variety of different looks.  You can go minimalist- Here I’ve used 2 different sized fangs- Or use square teeth, for …

On The Web : Halloween on CraftStudio!

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Do you have the CraftStudio app for the iPad? If so (or if you’re considering it, this is sure to entice you..) we’ve got an exciting announcement: launching today are two new bundles for Halloween, Pumpkin Carving and Haunted House! With these two new bundles entitled “Haunted House” and “Pumpkin Carving” you can use the …

Make It : Frosty Summer Treats

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Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July, or just looking for a tasty treat to help you cool off, here’s a round-up that’ll do the trick! Who says you can’t make a snowman in summer??  These snowman sundaes are actually made in shot glasses, following the rule that everything tiny is so much cuter! A twist …

Make It : Handmade Gifts

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In keeping with our “Christmas in July” theme, we’re bringing you a round-up of small, handmade gifts that are sure to get you in the spirit. For those that celebrate Christmas in July in places like Australia and New Zealand, it’s customary to have an intimate Christmas meal or party and exchange small gifts in …

Celebrate : Christmas in July!

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Have you heard of “Christmas in July”? Well, aside from the 1940 movie Christmas In July, and the fact that we actually do work on our holiday stories in the summer months here in the Crafts Department, we weren’t quite sure exactly what it meant. Now we do! In the Southern Hemisphere, winter weather falls …

Sepp Leaf Products

Around Town : Sepp Leaf Products

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Getting out of the office to see things in person is always a good thing for getting inspired, collecting ideas or learning about something new. Getting out of the office for a little refresher on something you may already know is also useful, which is what a few of us did recently with a trip …