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Make It : rock on

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I love rocks. I love rocks in all kinds and in all forms. Give me the weathered beach pebble, the jagged outcropping, the polished gemstone or the raw crystal; I never get enough of looking at them or collecting them. Last summer when I was visiting Moonlight Gemstones in Marfa, TX, my head almost popped …

Inspiration Board : Playing Cards

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Have you seen these new “love” stamps? There’s something that’s both totally classic & totally sweet about the king & queen of hearts motif. I had to buy them immediately.  They also prompted me to look through our playing card collection here in the prop house. I love the dense patterning on the card backs, …

Inspiration Board : Inclement Weather

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I know. It’s hard to believe. But, with New York basically under water for most of this week, the only thing to do is embrace it. (picture from Lolita) This new blanket from Donna Wilson really sums up what can be so great about this spitty weather. Don’t you just wish you could curl up …

Inspiration Board : Bright Yellow

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I spent last weekend in Northampton visiting my Alma Mater and was really taken with bits of yellow sprouting up all over the campus grounds. Something about a shot of this color – and just a shot, too much can be overwhelming – really excites the eyes.  Susan Dwyer of  Up in the Air Somewhere …

Open Studio : Organized at TV (and at home)

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Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television and slightly OCD. Ok, so I hear it a lot. “Who is the obsessive person who put these up?” And I have to admit I did it. Sure, it seems above and beyond being organized, but with so many people in and out …

Open Studio : Welcome to Open Studio

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We got such a great response to our posts about the craft room, we thought it would be fun to show you where we work when were not working, if you know what I mean. So, for the next few weeks, every Thursday we will give a small studio tour of our personal crafting spaces …

Make It : Glass Etching

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Passover starts this Wednesday, and there are so many special objects associated with the meal, that I finally had the perfect opportunity to try glass etching. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try it since I spotted it in the new crafts encyclopedia. It looks so easy! Could it really be that easy? Could …

Inspiration Board : TV Inspiration (Part II)

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Hello again from the TV staff! In our post last week about where we get our inspiration, we forgot to mention our most important resource – Martha Stewart herself. We are extremely fortunate at the television studio to have a very regular interaction with her, and it’s natural for us to get a great deal …