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Behind the Scenes : dipping

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Sometimes when we work on stories for Living, we end up developing—and even photographing—more ideas than there is room for in the magazine. It’s difficult to edit those out, but thanks to this blog we still get to share them with you!  For the “Take a Dip” story in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living, …

Inspiration Board : 1 Fabric, 3 Ways

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In my inaugural post, I mentioned that pillows were on my to-do list of soft home improvements.  While fabric hunting I found these curtains and really liked the simplicity of the blue cotton with subtle vertical lines. Stuffed with 26″ inserts and closed with zippers (so they can be removed easily for washing) they make …

Stenciling Basics

Make It : Stenciling Basics

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I have been doing a lot of stenciling recently, and after hearing the question, “What did you use to make your stencil” oh, about a hundred times, I thought I’d share my go to materials and some tips to make sure your stenciled image turns out the best it can. All three of these materials …

My Needlework Collection

Inspiration Board : My Needlework Collection

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I rarely do needle crafts, but I was looking around my apartment and surprised to realize how many examples of different types of needlework decorate my home.  My collection ranges in style and technique, but they’re all warm additions to my space.  I love living with objects, knowing whoever made each piece invested a lot …

Make It : Spring is Here!

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Spring has come early in New York City, it’s 72 degrees today!  It is the perfect day to start saving eggs to decorate for Easter. You may not know this but I have a collection of blown out eggs, big and small, white and brown, cracked and whole, dyed and not dyed, and all of …

We're so excited about the sewing book!

Contests & Prizes : We're so excited about the sewing book!

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It is so amazing to have all these great projects together in one book.  It was hard to choose my favorite!  I have to say I have a strong attachment to Japanese Sashiko Embroidery.  You’ll find some beautiful examples of Sashiko in Martha Stewart’s Encylopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, as well as a CD …

Philly in bloom

Around Town : Philly in bloom

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The other week I had the rare opportunity of getting out of the office to see the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  It was the perfect day trip from New York, just over an hour by train. The highly attended event dates way back to the 1820s. I briskly walked by most of the floral and …

Incarnations of the TV Craft Area

Behind the Scenes : Incarnations of the TV Craft Area

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Today’s post is written by Anduin Havens, Art Director for The Martha Stewart Show. More than any other area on the set of The Martha Stewart Show, the Craft Area changes with the seasons and holidays. We started Season 5 with light summery colors but moved quickly to the warmer, more autumnal palette of Halloween. …