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On The Web : MSC Paint, Part III

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As I’m sure you all know by now, we LOVE when we see people using our paint for projects on the web (here and here!). There is some seriously clever stuff out there! We just used our paint in the June issue of Living to color-code sections of cutting boards and kitchen utensils – such …

Make It : Office Birthday Message

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Surprise your office mate with this easy Post-It Note birthday banner! The letters are easy to cut in uniform size when you start with the little square notes.  Leave the sticky part at the top of your letter, and trim away.  Can you think of something fun to do with these scraps?  Birthday confetti? If …

On The Web : Our Favorite Pinterest Boards

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Are you on Pinterest yet? We’re sort of obsessed here the Crafts Department…it’s such a great source for inspiration! Today we thought we’d share with you our favorite Craft and DIY Boards on Pinterest. There are thousands of boards out there, but below are our picks if you’re new to the site, in need of …

Make It : Silver Baskets

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Memorial Day is fast approaching. Are you going to the beach !? Do you have your summer accessories figured out yet ?! For an easy way to update last year’s tired pieces, all you need is a spray can (and an outside space to do this work). Take a look at these projects I did …

Inspiration Board : Funny Food

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How would you like to wake up to these guys tomorrow morning? Photos by Bill Wurtzel Or read the morning paper with this lady? This little fella looks delicious, nutritious, and well-dressed. Bill Wurtzel offers 365 fun and healthy ways to craft your breakfast in his new book Funny Food.  Each work of food art …

Celebrate : Graduation Celebrations

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It’s graduation season again!  If asking your grads to “say cheese” for the fiftieth time incites eye rolling, try some fun and festive backdrops that will make them eager to strike a pose.  With these balloons, you’ll never forget what year you graduated- Photo courtesy of Mint Love Social Club Our Labor of Love’s Smilebooth …

Make It : Dyed Cups

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For the May issue of Living I dyed paper cups, bowls and bamboo place mats using RIT Dye. I got the cups and bowls from Branch Home (they are compostable!). Simply fill a bucket or bin with four quarts of hot water and add 3-4 teaspoons of the dye. I tinted just the outside of …

Make It : DIY Marbled Glassware

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Today’s guest post comes from Honestly WTF, one of our favorite resources for DIY’s and inspiration: Who knew adding marbled nail polish to the bottom of glass cups would be the perfect way to add color and pattern to your next tablescape or party? This is a super easy technique that can be applied to …