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Have You Seen This? : Pom-Poms!

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Pom-poms are popping up everywhere in party decor, accessories, and they might be the perfect addition for the holidays. Pom-Poms! (Quirk Books) by Sarah Goldschadt and Lexi Walters Wright features 25 projects that uses a variety of methods and materials like tissue paper, tinsel, coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, and of course, yarn. A little background …

Make It : recycled magazine postcards

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  Throwing away pieces of yarn, fabric, wrapping paper and magazines is always difficult for me. You never know where you might use them, no ?! However, after months of magazines piled up, I figured I’d have to do something. I started by tearing out the beautiful pages, which already made the pile smaller. And, after …

Make It : simple lamp(shade)s

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Ever since producing this story about making your own lampshades for our September issue of Martha Stewart Living, I’ve been wanting to make one for my own house. I just can’t decide which one ….. Do I make this quickest one of them all, which is simply glueing 2 Ikea lampshades - one up, one down – …

Have You Seen This? : Orly Genger installation 'Red, Yellow, Blue'

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If you’re in New York, go take a look at the installations by sculptor Orly Genger in Madison Square Park (as part of the Mad. Sq. Art program). It is so inspiring in it’s minimal, yet monumental ways. In using the traditional technique of knitting in a so not traditional way (Ms. Genger uses lobster …

Our Library : 'Embellished'

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I really love my newest book . It is  British textile designer Karen Nicol’s  very unique collection of objects, swatches, trimmings that – directly or indirectly – inspire her beautiful textile designs. They are personal, and unusual and show various techniques such as ‘tufts’ ‘fagotting’ ‘pleats’ and more. And though this book isn’t a ‘how to’ book, it …

Inspiration Board : April showers

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I really don’t like the month of April. After a long (and I mean l o n g this year ) winter, you always think it’ll finally be Spring, and sure enough it still is grey, rainy and chilly. So this year, I’m ignoring the rain with these fun things I found. This already makes …

Inspiration Board : Craft Studio's "Bundle of Joy"

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We are excited to announce a new baby-themed bundle on the CraftStudio app for iPad, called “Bundle of Joy.” It’s great for making cards and invitations for baby showers, birth announcements, etc. It comes with a ton of sweet sticker, wallpaper and photo border options for both baby boy and girl. If you already have …

Have You Seen This? : Fog Linen online

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We’ve long been admiring Fog Linen’s products. But even though some of our favorite shops in New York carry a few of their things, there was never everything we had seen and loved at the tradefair. So I was so happy to find out about their online shop. Not only do they have all those …