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Make It : cornhusk dolls

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If our little friends Nora and Hugo are any indication for this craft, you will have no worries about having enough decorations for your Thanksgiving table. After several hours of shooting variations of  their little hands making dolls, neither one of them would stop. I sent them home with a bag full of cornhusk and …

Make It : Halloween Fun House

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Have you seen the Halloween Fun House story in the October issue of Living? In it we bring you projects to help you create your own spooky, carnival-esq atmosphere right at home complete with wacky, warped mirrors, black candy apples, black peanuts, a hidden prize duck pool, and much more. Here in the Crafts Department …

Around Town : Maniac Pumpkins

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 We can certainly be a little pumpkin crazy at Martha Stewart Living but we have met our match in terms of pumpkin enthusiasts.  Maniac Pumpkin Carvers,  the Brooklyn based duo of Marc Evan and Chris Soria, have a passion for pumpkins that is quite remarkable.    They are trained artists who have a seasonal medium that …

Inspiration Board : The October Issue of Living!

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The October Issue of Living (one of our absolute favorites here in the Crafts Department) has officially hit newsstands! Head to page 32 to check out the profile piece on Chris Soria and Marc Evan of Maniac Pumpkins. Their incredibly intricate carving is sure to inspire you to take your carving to new heights this …

Inspiration Board : Trend Report from New York Fashion Week

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With the crisp weather in New York this week, I’m starting to see warmer clothing hit the streets… and especially in light of Fashion Week, I’ve got Fashion on the mind! While pouring over the coverage on Instagram, in the papers and on blogs, I noticed a few major trends: Stripes! All-over Florals! Glow-in-the-dark! Below …

Inspiration Board : The Wonderful World of Nina Chakrabarti

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Have you seen Blake’s chic take on Trompe l’Oeil Accessories from the September issue of Living? She teamed up with illustrator extraordinaire Nina Chakrabarti to create various accessories such as shoe clips, bangles, pouches and bags, and t-shirts. Nina is the author of a few wonderfully fun coloring books called My Wonderful World of Shoes …

Inspiration Board : Fashion Week Invites

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New York Fashion Week is here! We’ve got a bit of an obsession with printed matter here in the Crafts Department, so see below for this season’s round up of Fashion Week invites (see past seasons here and here). This invitation from Alexander Wang is glow in the dark!   Antonio Lopez’ invite holds a …

Inspiration Board : Our New Martha Stewart Glass Paint Line

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We are thrilled that our new line of Martha Stewart Glass Paint has finally hit the stores at Michaels! Along with our partners at Plaid, we have crafted brand new tools and paint formulas specifically for glass and ceramic surfaces. And just like our original craft paint line, this new glass paint is designed to …