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Inspiration Board : hostess ('kids) gift

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    I just put together this basket with all supplies needed to make several cornhusk dolls. I will bring it to my friends’ house for her kids (and me !) to spend many hours crafting with. But it would make a wonderful present to bring to a Thanksgiving gathering. After all what’s a better …

Make It : cornhusk dolls

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If our little friends Nora and Hugo are any indication for this craft, you will have no worries about having enough decorations for your Thanksgiving table. After several hours of shooting variations of  their little hands making dolls, neither one of them would stop. I sent them home with a bag full of cornhusk and …

Paint Splatter Bookcover

Make It : Paint Splatter Bookcover

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Today’s guest post comes from the one and only Steph Hung.  Find more of her inspiring work here, and here. I may not be going back to school this September but I do expect to spend more time working indoors as the weather cools off.  That said, I’m not ready to give up on summer either …

Inspiration Board : back to school (for grown ups)

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Every year I anticipate the kids’ school supply list, remembering my own proud moments of new pencil cases and new books … and yet every year it is a slight disappointment, as the lists are so specific : 36 yellow wood No.2  pencils, 5 two pocket plastic folders in purple, yellow, blue, red and green, …

Jude's Arctic Tapestry

Inspiration Board : Jude's Arctic Tapestry

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  In the upcoming September issue of Living a project I worked on closely with Martha is featured, a special mural/tapestry that Martha conceived and I executed for her first grandchild, Jude.  Martha has written about the tapestry, and we even did a small version on the TV show, but this is the first time …

Celebrate : Fourth of July Good Things

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Even after the sun goes down at your fourth of July barbecue, it’s not too late to get some great photos!  All you need are some glow-sticks and fast moving hands to get these vibrant shots. And for a bit of daytime decor, these lanterns are easy to make, and can be collapsed and stored …

Inspiration Board : Reviving Camp Crafts

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If you have a July issue of Living, you may have seen these updated “camp crafts” made with brightly colored lanyard (aka gimp, boondoggle etc)- For a modern “camp” feel, we painted birch hooks white (from Vermont Branch Company), and used them to display the necklaces. This close-up of the bangles give you a better look …

Inspiration Board : refreshing teacher's gift

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During my annual search for ideas for what to give as teacher’s gifts, I didn’t go far – I asked my son what makes him think of summer : no school of course, ice cream (well, I did that already), the beach, ice cold lemonade …  At this time of year we can all use a cool …