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Special Mother's Day Insert

Behind the Scenes : Special Mother's Day Insert

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You may have noticed a special little surprise in the May issue of Living… Our TOP SECRET Mother’s Day insert! Pull out this mini booklet and find 15 pages full of fun projects for Mom—for kids’ eyes only! You’ll find craft projects, recipes, and clip art by the amazing Erin Jang. Kids will love this …

Celebrate : Kids' Birthday Thank-You "Notes"

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The invites for our Spring Swim party were a huge success, as was the party…which inspired me to do more than just send a written thank-you note. When I came across these mini frisbees, I figured they fit with the summer theme. My son was thrilled. Using a 2 1/2″ punch, we cut circles out …

Our Sources : Easter Candy

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One of our favorite sources for Easter candy is the old classic, Jelly Belly. With over 50 flavors of jelly beans (plus some really cute mini chocolate eggs), and a range of beautiful colors, they seem to find their way into our projects year-round. Of course the jelly bean’s true time to shine is during …

Chocolate Bunnies

Make It : Chocolate Bunnies

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Easter will be here in just a couple weeks! Start preparing for the holiday with this twist on the classic chocolate bunny. Your basic chocolate bar can transform into a a crafty treat for any holiday—watch how easily it’s done here. These chocolate bunnies were inspired by the Santa and Snowmen chocolate bars from the …

Make It : Pig Cupcakes

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Vintage postcard I learned something new today. “The pig was just as important a symbol on Saint Patrick’s Day cards as were shamrocks. If you owned a pig, you were fairly prosperous and would not go hungry. A sow with many piglets was real wealth. Ask a farmer in any agrarian …

Celebrate : Kids Birthday Party Invitation (for any season)

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Everyone who knows me is aware how grumpy I am about having my birthday in the winter. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to cancel birthday plans due to nasty weather. So when I found out that my son would be born in March, I was excited to have a spring baby, envisioning …

Valentine's Day Treat Packaging

Make It : Valentine's Day Treat Packaging

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And what is more classic than some sweets for this special day? Whether you’re giving to one or one hundred, we’ve got a packaging solution for you. You’ll find all the how-to (plus many more ideas!) here, and here…

Chinese New Year

Celebrate : Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year celebration began on February 3, ringing in the Year of the Rabbit. I ventured over to Chinatown this weekend to see the Dragon Parade—one of my favorite events of the year. The streets are bustling and filled with the most beautiful colors. With all the elaborate dragons, costumes, lanterns, and confetti, …