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Open Studio : Pollock Krasner House & Study Center

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Ever since seeing the movie Pollock, I’ve been wanting to go to the Pollock Krasner House & Study Center, in New York’s Long Island. This summer I finally got to go and am so grateful to have had that experience. It isn’t often that you get to experience an artist’s personal space like this…let alone …

Make It : Summer Scrapbooks

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It’s Labor Day—pools are closing, kids are going back to school, and the weather is getting a bit cooler. Hold tight to those summer memories with a handmade scrapbook—we’ve got some fun ideas right here! I need to make one of these Seashore Scrapbooks to keep all the odds and ends I’ve collected over the …

Inspiration Board : Back to School

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For a while now I’ve been seeing fun products in grid or memo pad patterns. Must be that “back to school” is in the air?! How sweet is this T-shirt by E for Effort to wear on the first day back!? I wish my kids weren’t required to use those ugly plastic boxes for their pens, but …

Sticker Wreaths

Make It : Sticker Wreaths

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Hi, I’m Lenore Welby, a producer at The Martha Stewart Show. When I was recently assigned to produce a segment on making sticker wreaths for our TV show, I was really excited because I thought… This is like a craft and party favor all in one! It’s PERFECT for Charlotte’s 7th birthday party! (Or, for that …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Back to School

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Erica asks: “Do you have any suggestions for personalizing back-to-school supplies?” Fill these last summer days with activities that will help your back-to-schooler get excited for the first day. You probably already have the supplies needed to make these fun pencils. Get creative and eco-friendly with textbook covers—here we’ve used old roadmaps. Paper grocery bags …

Festive Party Hats!

Make It : Festive Party Hats!

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Earlier this summer, I attended a girls getaway in honor of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. What a great weekend! We laughed, we danced, we celebrated, and we made party hats to wear while doing it all. The most fun was had making them, but I have to say, wearing them—and taking funny photos—was pretty …

I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

Make It : I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

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There are a few craft projects that we often refer back to—projects that fellow coworkers loved and look forward to making themselves. One came from a guest crafter, Regina Lord, a few seasons back. She joined Martha on the show to make a clever, reverse-appliqué eyeball T-shirt. The spying eyes were such a hit that …

A Wee Wonderfuls World

Make It : A Wee Wonderfuls World

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We’re pretty big on Dreamers Into Doers around here, which is why I’m so happy to present Hillary Lang today. A librarian on maternity leave, she started Wee Wonderfuls as a way to document her creations and connect with the crafts community. What started as a blog has grown into an online business and a book. From …