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Inspiration Board : Designs and Patterns from Muhu Island

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Just the cover of this book is reason enough to want to own it (my photo doesn’t really do it justice). But inside you’ll find more wild, bright color combinations; amazingly intricate knit, embroidered and crochet textiles; and a very interesting introduction into the folk art and traditions of the small island of Muhu. It …

Have You Seen This? : hand knit bat

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Not all Halloween decor has to be scary … how about sweet and cuddly instead ?! I really love Anne Catherine’s knit bat. We introduced you to her amazing knitting patterns before, but this bat seems perfect for this time of year, no ?! (and so does knitting) Don’t be scared to knit, give and cuddle (way beyond Halloween that is)…

Contests & Prizes : Knit Kit

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Anne Catherine and I have known each other for 14 years. We met when she first started freelancing with us for Martha by Mail. We’d develop all sorts of craft kits together, but we loved it most when yarn was involved.  Sadly there is no more Martha by Mail, and just as sadly, Anne Catherine moved …

Have You Seen This? : Orly Genger installation 'Red, Yellow, Blue'

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If you’re in New York, go take a look at the installations by sculptor Orly Genger in Madison Square Park (as part of the Mad. Sq. Art program). It is so inspiring in it’s minimal, yet monumental ways. In using the traditional technique of knitting in a so not traditional way (Ms. Genger uses lobster …

Around Town : The Tangled Web in Philadelphia

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This week we’ll be bringing you some of our favorite craft and supply shops! I am from Philadelphia, so I felt the need to wave my hometown flag and present to you a sweet knitting shop called The Tangled Web. The Tangled Web is located in the suburb of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia and is made …

Make It : crochet summer bags

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I think I’ve mentioned before that working with yarn is by far my favorite craft. But in this heat the thought of touching wool isn’t exactly enticing, nor would you need gloves or a hat, let alone a sweater. So when I found this beautiful yarn made out of the pineapple fiber from Habu I …

Wool and the Gang

Inspiration Board : Wool and the Gang

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Today’s post comes from our Art Department Assistant (and avid knitter!) Paulie Dibner: Our gorgeous spring has taken a small turn, and we’ve had some chilly weather the past few days. I’m excited for the sunshine to come back, but my brisk walk to work has given me the opportunity to pull out a scarf …

Inspiration Board : clean up with benefits

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Like probably most of you, I have many fabrics, and yarns, and beads and ribbons and pieces of paper … bits and pieces of all that I can never part with, because ‘you never know’ or, because it is simply a shame to throw them away. After a long Holiday season and two craft sales, …