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Inspiration Board : Alchemy Yarns

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The ultimate luxury of crafting to me is working with a material that was created with the finest ingredients, love and inspiration. A material that  inspires even just ‘as is’ … waiting to be transformed  and given your personal touch … Alchemy yarns are that kind of luxury. Each strand starts with the best of fibers, …

Contests & Prizes : Lion Brand's MSC Yarn Contest!

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We’re very excited to announce the Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Yarn Contest! Here’s how it works: Knit, weave, crochet or craft a project using the new line of Martha Stewart Craft Yarn. The best part? Your creation can be anything, as long as it’s made using our yarn! You can submit your project to …

Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

Inspiration Board : Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

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A group of us usually get together in early December for a gift exchange “secret santa”  We each draw a name and make a gift for that person.  This year we didn’t get it together before Christmas and a new tradition was born – from now on we will have Secret Valentine instead of Secret …

Inspiration Board : knitting in (for) January

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It is really cold in New York today, but nothing like it was last year when we were at Morehouse Farm, shooting our knitting story for the current January issue of Martha Stewart Living. There had been an ice storm the night before, the power was out, but it was incredibly beautiful with the trees looking …

A Blanket for Baby

Make It : A Blanket for Baby

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When my dear friend told me she was expecting, I wanted to make her something useful and (relatively) timeless. Here’s the thing: I love knitting but hate following patterns. There’s something relaxing about the repetitive motion of my hands clicking away with their own muscle memory, and throwing a pattern into the mix always disrupts …


Inspiration Board : UFOs

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Crafters often have a collection of “UFOs”—UnFinished Objects. Some, like me, amass about as many of these as they do completed projects. Maybe more. Sometimes I give up on a project that’s too complicated or time-consuming; other times I get sick of the technique/material. But most of the time I just find something more fun …

Inspiration Board : D.I.Y.Y. Mohair presentation

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Last week I went to an incredible presentation at Spinexpo, which was created by the amazing Lidewii Edelkoort and her company Trend Union in a collaboration with Mohair South Africa. Yes, we’ve all happily watched (and participated), as knitting and crocheting have gained more momentum again, yarn stores are popping up everywhere, knitting groups are …

Blue Sky Alpacas

Our Sources : Blue Sky Alpacas

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I realize it is June and not typically the time when we think about colder-weather projects, but we are well into our upcoming fall and winter issues—if you can believe it—and I wanted to highlight one of our favorite yarn vendors: Blue Sky Alpacas. Not only are its yarns a treat to work with but they come …