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Make It : Best in Show

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The Westminster Kennel Club held its 135th annual dog show this week, which coincides very nicely with today’s guest post. Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne are incredibly talented knitwear designers—their sheep jumper became famous when Princess Diana wore it—with a penchant for all things canine.  They even have a new book coming out: Lucky for us, …

Make It : Knitting 101

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Today’s post comes to us from Liz Adler, assistant editor with an impeccable eye and incredible style to boot: “As a member of the style department, I work alongside the crafters as they develop their stories.  I am always inspired by their super fun projects, so this winter I decided to learn how to knit. …

Make It : Fingerless Mittens in No Time

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‘Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the tube, the weathermen were promising us lots of snow. The children were jumping all up in their beds, while visions of snowballs danced in their heads…. That’s where the story ends and reality hit—I had forgotten my mittens at the office and hate the cold enough …

Craftovers #2

Inspiration Board : Craftovers #2

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By now you know my love for leftover materials… This year Shane worked on Martha’s Halloween costume and after developing several concepts, she was transformed into a sorceress. One of the preliminary ideas that didn’t make the cut was Bride of Frankenstein. The dyed bandages that Shane made caught my eye so as soon as …

Behind the Scenes : Dyeable Yarn

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Do you recognize these yarns from the “Great Finds” section in the November issue of Living? Did you know that we dyed them ourselves? Dharma Trading has a new selection of natural yarns for dyeing—about 50 different kinds! We dyed our yarns the day before the photo shoot, and since they needed time to dry, we …

Vermont Wool

Tools & Materials : Vermont Wool

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This past Labor Day weekend my husband and I made our way up to Montgomery Center, Vermont. We had a wedding to attend in nearby East Berkshire, so we rented a ski cabin and decided to make a nice holiday weekend of it. I had plenty of time to explore before and after the wedding, …

Habu Textiles

Our Sources : Habu Textiles

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This store is hardly just a yarn store, and certainly not the kind of yarn store you may be used to. Located on the 8th floor in a nondescript building in New York’s flower district, Habu Textiles is more like a work room and when you enter, you feel like you’ve entered the world of some very …

sharing the love of crafting (for each other)

Inspiration Board : sharing the love of crafting (for each other)

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It all started when I made a vest and sweater for my sons and our friend Julie was full of praise. It inspired me to make a grown up vest, which Julie and Nick ended up buying from me at the Craft fair. I was curious how they would share this one vest, and it …