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Make It : Rocket Candy Crackers

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The July 4 weekend is almost here! Did you see this July “Good Thing”? With our clip art, these rocket candy crackers are as easy as pie! Watch the our special iPad animation below to see them in action…

Bike Parade

Behind the Scenes : Bike Parade

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It’s been almost a year since we were out in Telluride for the Fourth of July bike parade—how time flies! For July’s Living, we wanted to do a story on the American tradition of the bike parade, and after some research, we found one in Telluride, Colorado, that sounded pretty special. Just so happens the …

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Finds

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It seems there’s a surprise around every corner of this office. One of the best things about working here is stumbling upon really beautiful materials and objects that are either unplanned, unused, or waiting to be repurposed. Below are some of my favorite examples of the craft room’s little wonders and surprises; pumpkins waiting to …

Special Mother's Day Insert

Behind the Scenes : Special Mother's Day Insert

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You may have noticed a special little surprise in the May issue of Living… Our TOP SECRET Mother’s Day insert! Pull out this mini booklet and find 15 pages full of fun projects for Mom—for kids’ eyes only! You’ll find craft projects, recipes, and clip art by the amazing Erin Jang. Kids will love this …

Easter Treat Bags

On The Web : Easter Treat Bags

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Do you remember this adorable clip art? It is so simple and sweet, I think we could find several uses for it this spring—what do you think? I repurposed the grass clip art as Easter treat packaging—a chocolate Easter bunny hides in the grass with some colorful eggs. It kind of reminds me of these …

Our Sources : Easter Candy

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One of our favorite sources for Easter candy is the old classic, Jelly Belly. With over 50 flavors of jelly beans (plus some really cute mini chocolate eggs), and a range of beautiful colors, they seem to find their way into our projects year-round. Of course the jelly bean’s true time to shine is during …

Pysanky Artists

On The Web : Pysanky Artists

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Did you see the feature on pysanky artist Nicole Bergeron in the April issue of Living? She was part of our Great Finds column this month—75 Spectacular Spring Things! Nicole was one of our three favorite egg artists found on Etsy—the other two being Katya of the ukranianeastereggs shop, and Christine of the Teener1416 shop. …

Make It : Pom-Pom Branches

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It’s getting warmer in New York—I can tell that spring is just around the corner! In an effort to add some fresh décor for the coming season, I made some budding pom-pom branches. Sometimes pom-poms are oddly shaped when they come out of the package. I rolled each one several times between my palms to …