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Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works

Around Town : Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works

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On view until June 25 is Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works at Cheim & Reid gallery in New York City. Referred to as fabric “drawings,” the works are created from clothing, sheets, towels, and material from the artist’s personal collection. The color combinations and graphic layouts of the fabric patterns are incredibly mesmerizing. Individually they appear …

Make It : Tape Embellishments

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I went to visit some friends recently and packed some small gifts for our hosts. Not wanting to have the ribbon crushed in my suitcase, I used washi tape instead. I wrapped the gifts in a plain paper and then wound one continuous strip of tape around the package—resulting in some interesting angles and designs. …

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Finds

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It seems there’s a surprise around every corner of this office. One of the best things about working here is stumbling upon really beautiful materials and objects that are either unplanned, unused, or waiting to be repurposed. Below are some of my favorite examples of the craft room’s little wonders and surprises; pumpkins waiting to …

Inspiration Board : Happy Crafting Accidents

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Sometimes while crafting, things happen around (or below) us, that are by no means intended, but are yet so inspiring. When dipping baskets for last year’s summer story, I also dipped a hat in paint. The hat itself didn’t exactly look so great, but when I looked down, the drips of the paint on the …

Tara Donovan

Around Town : Tara Donovan

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This year for my birthday, my fabulous boyfriend (who just so happens to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things contemporary art) took me on a tour of his favorite galleries in Chelsea. After what has felt like the longest, coldest, darkest, and snowiest winter on record, he knew I was in much need of …

Pinecone Turkey V3.0

Make It : Pinecone Turkey V3.0

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Pinecones really lend themselves to being turned into turkeys for festive décor ideas for the holiday season, like these fun guys. And after a quick search on Martha Stewart, two more ideas show up: Feathered Pinecone Turkey Cone Husk Pinecone Turkey I couldn’t help myself from adding to the collection with this new version done …

Around Town : Spider Textile

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Though it’s one day late, this post is in the spirit of Halloween, mostly because I’m beyond terrified of spiders and can barely look at the image above…but I’m sharing it here because it relates to an amazing craft. On a recent visit to the American Museum of Natural History I viewed the textile below, …

Googly Eye Fun!

Make It : Googly Eye Fun!

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Sometimes it’s the simplest projects that bring me great joy. And really, who doesn’t love a good googly eye project? So when I made these bangles for a fun Halloween idea for Martha to do on the show, I couldn’t stop smiling, and thinking of other accessories that could be covered with a bunch of …