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Behind the Scenes : Dyeable Yarn

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Do you recognize these yarns from the “Great Finds” section in the November issue of Living? Did you know that we dyed them ourselves? Dharma Trading has a new selection of natural yarns for dyeing—about 50 different kinds! We dyed our yarns the day before the photo shoot, and since they needed time to dry, we …

Big Bambu at the Met

Around Town : Big Bambu at the Met

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If you haven’t already seen the Big Bambu installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you have until the end of this month to see the ever-growing bamboo structure.  Not only is it an incredible display of art and craft, this 50-feet-high, 100-feet-long bamboo construction is functioning architecture- you can actually take …

Sticker Wreaths

Make It : Sticker Wreaths

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Hi, I’m Lenore Welby, a producer at The Martha Stewart Show. When I was recently assigned to produce a segment on making sticker wreaths for our TV show, I was really excited because I thought… This is like a craft and party favor all in one! It’s PERFECT for Charlotte’s 7th birthday party! (Or, for that …


Inspiration Board : Craftovers

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How does the saying go? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure? Working with such incredible people, I am always inspired by others’ creations, materials, and oftentimes their leftovers. Take Silke’s projects on the cover of the current issue, for example.  Some items (such as clothing and baskets) were store-bought and dipped into dye, and …

Build It Green!NYC

Around Town : Build It Green!NYC

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Recently a few of us from TV went on an excursion to Build It Green (aka BIG), located in a massive warehouse in Queens. What is BIG? Well, it is “New York City’s only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials.” Which is rather amazing when you think about how much building/deconstructing happens …


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Our summer interns Tracy and Rene are so impressive, we’ve decided to give them a Craft Challenge- to see how they can reinvent some very modest craft supplies.  I’d like to choose one object, which may typically be discarded or neglected, for Tracy and Rene to transform into a crafty creation.  Help us choose the …

Stenciling Basics

Make It : Stenciling Basics

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I have been doing a lot of stenciling recently, and after hearing the question, “What did you use to make your stencil” oh, about a hundred times, I thought I’d share my go to materials and some tips to make sure your stenciled image turns out the best it can. All three of these materials …

Habu Textiles

Our Sources : Habu Textiles

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This store is hardly just a yarn store, and certainly not the kind of yarn store you may be used to. Located on the 8th floor in a nondescript building in New York’s flower district, Habu Textiles is more like a work room and when you enter, you feel like you’ve entered the world of some very …