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Tools & Materials : The World of Eric Carle

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us have encountered Eric Carle’s illustrations at some point, and if you’re anything like me, that name even evokes a bit of nostalgia.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, take a look at this guy below- Carle’s distinctive collage illustrations (made with hand painted papers) …

Stylists Get Crafty

TV Crafts : Stylists Get Crafty

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Today’s post is written by set stylist Dani Fiore from The Martha Stewart Show: Some shows develop then change – develop some more and change and change again. It’s the nature of live TV! Our Google Cook-off show turned out to be one of those shows. Hosanna and the crafters were swamped so Kait, Kelli …

Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show

Behind the Scenes : Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show

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I was lucky enough to make the trip out to Anaheim for CHA’s Winter Trade Show.  We try to have one member of our department go out each year to see what’s new in the craft world.  With hundreds of the top craft merchandisers represented, we can be sure to find the best materials for …

Tools & Materials : Storing Scraps

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I was inspired by Athena’s post on her scrap-box- here’s my  method for storing those precious bits and pieces.  Using a presentation book with plastic sleeves, I store paper scraps according to color.  This makes for a fairly neat and easily accessible stash of papers for card-making and small paper projects.  Though I find it …

Make It : Easy Valentines

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I was thrilled to try one of  Marvy’s new craft products- Bistro Chalk Markers!   They offer two brilliant pinks in their collection, so I had to try them out on some Valentine cards.  This type of marker is typically used for dry erase boards, chalkboards, and window advertisements, but worked very well on paper …

odds and ends box

Inspiration Board : odds and ends box

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Below is a really simple idea… Like many of us, I have a really hard time letting go of / getting rid of things, out of some vague sense that somewhere down the line I’ll make excellent use of them… or really because I just like the way they look (which is apparently ok with …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Pipe Cleaners

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Geetha Krishnan wants to know our sources for pipe cleaners.  Pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, come in a vast array of size, shape, and color.  They can be found at most craft stores, but we’ve chosen a few sources to exhibit a variety of options.   Create For Less is a great online source for …

Tools & Materials : best wrapping bargain

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yes, I just showed you how I used this twine for my advent calendar. But, I also used the same spool for the last 3 years of advent calendars, plus birthday gifts, cookie bags, teacher gifts,  … pretty much every gift I ever have to wrap. It looks great with colored paper, kraft paper, doubled …