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Open Studio : New Sewing Station

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It’s great to get a fresh start in the new Craft room. We decided to put the sewing station in the corner. The wall of windows provides a great view of the city and a lot of light, perfect for sewing. We got a large table for the new Pfaff creative 2.0, it looks amazing. I have …

Open Studio : Craft Rooms 360

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Athena, Blake & Marcie sorting ribbons in the old craft room. Almost unpacked in the new craft room.   I pieced these together in photoshop using a bunch of smaller shots. I really wasn’t sure how they would turn out while taking the pictures. Though they’re not perfect by any means, I think they really …

Open Studio : Relocation!

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We’ve finally made the big move! Our offices and craft rooms at 42nd street have been painstakingly transferred to the Starrett Lehigh building in Chelsea. Though we had become quite attached to our space in mile-a-minute midtown, I think I could get used to this peaceful spot on the Hudson River, nestled amidst some of …

Our Library : Our Library

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Here in the crafts department we keep a library of books that we use in developing our stories and projects. We all add to it from time to time when we come across a new (or old) book that we find interesting or useful. Over the years it’s become a pretty extensive resource with many …

Open Studio : Making the Paper Cut

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In preparation for the big move, I was in charge of going through all our paper files (we had 8 of them with 4 drawers each), eliminating damaged sheets & reorganizing the pieces left over. Though it made a huge mess of our hallway, we loved the way that each drawer of color made a …

Open Studio : Before & After

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Moving the office was a huge task for all of us. As Marcie said, the department had been in that space for 15 years. Even though none of us had been there that long, we still somehow managed to settle in like we had. The before & after shots are pretty fun…

Welcome to the Crafts Department blog

On The Web : Welcome to the Crafts Department blog

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Welcome to the Crafts Department blog. We thought a blog would be a great way to share even more about the crafts we create for Martha Stewart Living as well as what we craft on our own. We hope to provide you with a peek behind the scenes to some of our stories, our inspiration, …