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Have You Seen This? : Bryan Nash Gill woodcut postcards

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I haven’t made it a secret how much I love wood, natural materials in general, and therefore the artist Bryan Nash Gill. I really enjoyed working with him for the opener of our October issue,  I love his book and have been dreaming about owning one of his prints. Since they are a bit out …

Inspiration Board : Bryan Nash Gill exhibit

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Hopefully you saw this art work by Bryan Nash Gill in our October issue of Martha Stewart Living, watched our video about him and maybe even ordered his beautiful book. His work really is stunning and if you’re lucky enough to be in the Chicago area January 19- April 14, 2013, you can see his …

Inspiration Board : hostess ('kids) gift

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    I just put together this basket with all supplies needed to make several cornhusk dolls. I will bring it to my friends’ house for her kids (and me !) to spend many hours crafting with. But it would make a wonderful present to bring to a Thanksgiving gathering. After all what’s a better …

Make It : cornhusk dolls

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If our little friends Nora and Hugo are any indication for this craft, you will have no worries about having enough decorations for your Thanksgiving table. After several hours of shooting variations of  their little hands making dolls, neither one of them would stop. I sent them home with a bag full of cornhusk and …

Inspiration Board : cleaning up sticks and stumps, for in- and outdoors

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With the crazy snow storm back in October, we lost quite a few trees and have just done some major Spring cleaning to get all those logs and branches more organized. Some of the stumps are quite beautiful and it makes me sad to cut them up for firewood (which we have plenty of anyway, …

Make It : Painted Branches

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Yesterday actually reached 70 degrees in NYC- kind of a shock, but a welcome one!  A couple months back I salvaged some beautiful branches that had been blown down by one of the storms we had last Fall.  One I decided to display in its natural state- the color and shape was so beautiful.  I …

Inspiration Board : knitting in (for) January

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It is really cold in New York today, but nothing like it was last year when we were at Morehouse Farm, shooting our knitting story for the current January issue of Martha Stewart Living. There had been an ice storm the night before, the power was out, but it was incredibly beautiful with the trees looking …

November Good Things

Behind the Scenes : November Good Things

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You’ve tossed the jack-o’-lanterns, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be without decorative gourds!  I love all the varieties that you can find at the Farmers Market- so many exquisite colors, shapes and textures.  They can be beautiful displayed on their own, or if you want something a bit more special, try this …