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Kids' Summer Crafts

Make It : Kids' Summer Crafts

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Looking for a way to entertain the little ones this summer? We’ve got nature craft ideas, including projects to make with beach finds, and outdoor activities. Cool summer accessories. And for those road trips, clip-art car bingo!…

Make It : Crochet Sea Creatures

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I had admired  Wunderkammer before, but when my son told me about his teacher’s love for sea horses, I finally decided it was time to attempt one of Jessica Polka’s amazing crochet patterns. I learned how to crochet from my grandma, but I’m much more confident with knitting and have never followed a crochet pattern. …

Make It : Pom-Pom Branches

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It’s getting warmer in New York—I can tell that spring is just around the corner! In an effort to add some fresh décor for the coming season, I made some budding pom-pom branches. Sometimes pom-poms are oddly shaped when they come out of the package. I rolled each one several times between my palms to …

Pinecone Turkey V3.0

Make It : Pinecone Turkey V3.0

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Pinecones really lend themselves to being turned into turkeys for festive décor ideas for the holiday season, like these fun guys. And after a quick search on Martha Stewart, two more ideas show up: Feathered Pinecone Turkey Cone Husk Pinecone Turkey I couldn’t help myself from adding to the collection with this new version done …

River Garden Flowers

Inspiration Board : River Garden Flowers

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Did you see the beautiful story on River Garden, a 50-acre farm in upstate New York, in the August issue of Living? Photo by Ingalls Photography I loved this story, so I was especially excited to see these beautiful blooms in dried form at the Farmers Market last week. Here is an assortment of their …

Fall Crafts on Etsy

On The Web : Fall Crafts on Etsy

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The leaves are changing, the air is crisp—no doubt it’s fall! Here are a couple of seasonal crafts from Etsy. We’d love to hear about your favorite online craft shops, too!  Also, if you’re a crafter, don’t forget to enter for a chance to sell your wares at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. Beautiful …

Big Bambu at the Met

Around Town : Big Bambu at the Met

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If you haven’t already seen the Big Bambu installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you have until the end of this month to see the ever-growing bamboo structure.  Not only is it an incredible display of art and craft, this 50-feet-high, 100-feet-long bamboo construction is functioning architecture- you can actually take …

Pumpkin Carving

Behind the Scenes : Pumpkin Carving

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Have you seen the October issue of Living yet?  It is filled with tons of great Halloween craft ideas, including a really fun pumpkin carving story that uses the idea of carve-by-colors (similar to paint-by-numbers.) I know Halloween is over a month away, but as soon as that fall chill is in the air, the …