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Philly in bloom

Around Town : Philly in bloom

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The other week I had the rare opportunity of getting out of the office to see the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  It was the perfect day trip from New York, just over an hour by train. The highly attended event dates way back to the 1820s. I briskly walked by most of the floral and …

Backyard Christmas

Photo Galleries : Backyard Christmas

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly and whatever else you can get your hands on; it’s Christmas dagnabit! In all seriousness, it’s been kind of crazy here at TV with all the different kinds of greenery we’ve been using to decorate the set. The garlands in the prep kitchen windows are a mix of …

TV Crafts : Nature's Bounty

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This is the time of year when I am lagging behind while hiking or even strolling through the park because I am staring at the color of the trees or looking at the ground and collecting.  I like to squirrel a little of it away so I can use it for crafts in the future, …

Make It : sticks and stones magnets

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When I was cleaning off my bulletin board to make room for the new school year, I realized that my little magnets I had developed for the ‘sticks and stones’ story, were never shown in the magazine, but are a nice quick project to make. I simply painted little pebbles I had collected on the …

Our Library : Treehouses of the World

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More from our library…We stock our shelves with plenty of craft books and visual reference books for inspiration, but these days I’m especially enamored with Pete Nelson and Radek Kurzaj’s book Treehouses of the World.  The treehouses featured exhibit a magical brand of craftiness and ingenuity, though the scale of these craft projects are a …

TV Crafts : From the florist

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Today’s TV Tuesday post by Aaron Caramanis: We all take our turns developing “nature crafts” around here at TV, whether it’s glittering twigs, gluing down seashells, or embellishing eggs. I also have sole responsibility of overseeing all the floral content for the show. Flower arranging for me is where crafting and gardening intersect. At its …

Behind the Scenes : Lasting Impressions

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If you don’t already have your June ’09 Martha Stewart Living Issue… grab one before it’s too late!  I’m really excited about the summer crafts story entitled “Lasting Impressions”.  It is full of simple (yet sophisticated) printing projects that can take as little as 20 minutes to create.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo …

Inspiration Board : The Irish Coast

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Last summer I spent a week traveling along the southern coast of Ireland. It was an amazing trip. I was really taken with the natural patterns in the landscape. I kept thinking to myself, if I were a textile designer this would be my inspiration. Wouldn’t you just love an entire summer wardrobe in these …