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Inspiration Board : my home office wall

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Since moving to the Starrett Lehigh building in the Spring, we gained a lot of light and some space, but I had to give up 2 large bulletin boards I had in my office. One was always for the story I was working on currently, and the other never really changed, just ‘evolved’. For current …

Tools & Materials : Fabric Storage

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With holiday crafting in full effect, my room had become a fabric explosion.  The mess was really starting to get to me (and it’s so much easier to work in an organized space!) so I decided to employ one of Corinne’s fabric storage techniques. Muji’s simple and functional Makeup Box  provides an easy and affordable solution to my …

Make It : sticks and stones magnets

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When I was cleaning off my bulletin board to make room for the new school year, I realized that my little magnets I had developed for the ‘sticks and stones’ story, were never shown in the magazine, but are a nice quick project to make. I simply painted little pebbles I had collected on the …

Open Studio : More Craft Room Organization

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The key to keeping our craft space functioning is organization. We try our best to group like objects. For example, our nature closet includes acorns, pine cones, wreath forms, pressed flowers, fake flowers, floral supplies, and a whole lot of other similar materials, tools, and supplies. My favorite closet is the Paper/Party closet. It hold …

Open Studio : Craft Room Labeling System

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Our move last February was the perfect occasion to go through all of our supplies, and really organize our new work space. Since all eight of us share the craft room, we needed a clear system to know where everything goes. We also have a lot of guests, so we needed to update our labels …

Open Studio : Morgan Levine

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My studio space constantly changes, depending on my current project. It used to be piled high with unfinished ceramic pieces, but for the past several months, I’ve tucked away the clay and plaster, and made room for a serious crepe paper invasion. I’ve carved out a small space in my home for working, and I …

Open Studio : Organized at TV (and at home)

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Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television and slightly OCD. Ok, so I hear it a lot. “Who is the obsessive person who put these up?” And I have to admit I did it. Sure, it seems above and beyond being organized, but with so many people in and out …