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Paper Medallions

Make It : Paper Medallions

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There is no question that I am a HUGE fan of the Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board (which I blogged about earlier this season). So . . . I figured, why not share another project idea—just in time for the holidays—that utilizes this easy-to-use, ingenious tool. For Martha’s Holiday Open House special on Hallmark Channel …

Make It : Hanukkah Gift Card Holders

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Gift cards are sometimes the easiest gift (especially for your hard-to-shop-for friends and family), but the dilemma seems to be how to personalize them a bit. There are only three nights left of Hanukkah, but these gift-card holders (from the December issue of Living) should take only 20 minutes to make. You’ll find many more Hanukkah …

Easy Thanksgiving Punched Crafts

Make It : Easy Thanksgiving Punched Crafts

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Thanksgiving is upon us, so I’m sharing two super-easy punched crafts for your holiday celebration. These mini paper turkeys are made using just one punch—a scalloped circle—and some scissors, glue, and double-sided tape. That’s it! The punch I used is the Martha Stewart Crafts Rose Window Punch All Over the Page. The two-part magnetic punch …

Pinecone Turkey V3.0

Make It : Pinecone Turkey V3.0

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Pinecones really lend themselves to being turned into turkeys for festive décor ideas for the holiday season, like these fun guys. And after a quick search on Martha Stewart, two more ideas show up: Feathered Pinecone Turkey Cone Husk Pinecone Turkey I couldn’t help myself from adding to the collection with this new version done …

Homemade Owl Pellets. Yuck!

Make It : Homemade Owl Pellets. Yuck!

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I have always been fascinated with science, anatomy, and animals. Outside of the art room, one of my fondest memories from middle school goes back to the science lab—I believe it was 7th grade that we were given owl pellets to dissect. An owl pellet is ”the mass of undigested parts of the bird’s food that …

Make It : Paper Heart Garland

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With technology the way it is these days, it seems that there are fewer and fewer reasons to send mail—anything put in a mailbox would be old news by the time it reached its recipient. My very dear friend just moved to Boston, and since we’ll be communicating via phone or Internet a few times …

Make It : Summer Scrapbooks

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It’s Labor Day—pools are closing, kids are going back to school, and the weather is getting a bit cooler. Hold tight to those summer memories with a handmade scrapbook—we’ve got some fun ideas right here! I need to make one of these Seashore Scrapbooks to keep all the odds and ends I’ve collected over the …

Sticker Wreaths

Make It : Sticker Wreaths

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Hi, I’m Lenore Welby, a producer at The Martha Stewart Show. When I was recently assigned to produce a segment on making sticker wreaths for our TV show, I was really excited because I thought… This is like a craft and party favor all in one! It’s PERFECT for Charlotte’s 7th birthday party! (Or, for that …