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Inspiration Board : Interns!

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As a previous intern myself, I know what it feels like to walk into the crafts department for the first time. On my first day I think I was channeling Santa’s workshop, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory all at once. Definitely sensory overload. This summer we were lucky to have …

Festive Party Hats!

Make It : Festive Party Hats!

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Earlier this summer, I attended a girls getaway in honor of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. What a great weekend! We laughed, we danced, we celebrated, and we made party hats to wear while doing it all. The most fun was had making them, but I have to say, wearing them—and taking funny photos—was pretty …

Contests & Prizes : Congratulations, Debbie Simone!

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Congratulations, Debbie! You won last week’s Scrapbooking giveaway. Please e-mail your address to us at so you can get started with your new supplies. Thanks to everyone who commented!…

Martha's Birthday

Celebrate : Martha's Birthday

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Hi, it’s Tracy, the crafts intern. Tuesday was Martha’s birthday, so Carrie, our international editorial intern, organized a thoughtful gift for Martha from all the summer interns. Everyone was given a card to write and decorate in any way they liked. All the cards were then compiled into a box we constructed using chipboard, ribbon, …

Last-Minute Birthday Cards

Celebrate : Last-Minute Birthday Cards

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Tonight I’m going to a birthday picnic in the park for two old friends of mine whose birthdays are this week, Carrie and Ana. As usual, I’m in a scramble to make something to give them, so I’ve turned to my never-fail birthday card which I’ve made a zillion variations of over the years. All …

Autograph books

Make It : Autograph books

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I want to share an easy end-of-school-year autograph book project that I did with my son’s kindergarten class. To make the books, the kids “sewed” a stack of paper and cardboard together and knotted it on the outside. Then they decorated the cover with markers. Since I needed to make 24, I wanted to use …

Make It : Floral Gift Topper

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I’m going to a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends on Saturday.  Since a main focus of the shower is unwrapping gifts, I want my wrapping to be extra special.  I was inspired by these tissue pom poms done in the Spring 2006 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (I think they set the …

The art of paper

Inspiration Board : The art of paper

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My favourite projects are those that use everyday things and don’t require special equipment or supplies.  There’s something MacGyver-esque about being able to transform a common item into something special. Case in point:  paper.  Although it is a broad category and can be hard to source (if, say, you are looking for 17th-century Dutch hand-marbled …