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Make It : Keisuke Saka

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Have you seen the clip-art crafts story on page 116 of the December issue of Living? In it, we called on the skills of Tokyo paper artist Keisuke Saka. He’s the genius behind the Make City postcard kits (below) which allow you to build little 3D cities and monuments. Keisuke Saka made the holiday versions …

Celebrate : Hanukkah!

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Hanukkah begins at sundown on Saturday! You’ve still got a few days to prepare. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help make all eight nights special. See below for our favorite crafts, table settings, favors and decorations. Dress up a gift card by putting it in a dreidel-shaped envelope. Click here to learn how to …

Celebrate : The December Issue of Living!

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The December issue of Living is now on newsstands! We couldn’t be more excited about this issue as it’s abundant with projects to help you ring in the holiday season. Be sure to visit the pages below when you pick up your copy. Head to page 36 for the Crafts Department favorite gift ideas (and …

Make It : Paper Kites

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We love this easy paper kite project from the November issue of Living (page 113 in the magazine). If you’re hosting a party or an end of fall picnic, swap out balloons or streamers for these breezy kites. They make for really sophisticated hanging paper decorations and have a big impact when you hang several …

Make It : Angela Liguori albums

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About 5 years ago I received a package filled with cotton ribbons in the most beautiful colors. They came from Angela Liguori, who had started importing them from Italy. I put the little pile on my desk, and that’s where they’ve lived ever since. They make me happy, inspire color combinations, and remind me how …

Paint Splatter Bookcover

Make It : Paint Splatter Bookcover

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Today’s guest post comes from the one and only Steph Hung.  Find more of her inspiring work here, and here. I may not be going back to school this September but I do expect to spend more time working indoors as the weather cools off.  That said, I’m not ready to give up on summer either …

Inspiration Board : Pretty Notebooks

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Our amazing intern Dani left us to return to RISD, but she left these lovely thank you gifts in her place- It looks like she used painters tape to mask off shapes and paint bright accents on these Moleskine notebooks.  She tucked our favorite Muji pens into a rubber band on the notebook.  The best …

Make It : Watercolor postcards

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I LOVE postcards.  I love sending them, receiving them, and just collecting them.  I love postcards from vacations, museums, restaurants, and especially postcards that are handmade.  These postcards were inspired by vintage hand-colored photographs- I used an inkjet printer to print photos from trips onto watercolor postcards.  Then I painted them delicately with watercolors- just highlighting …