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Make It : TV Headband Party

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Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television: One thing I love about living in NYC is watching how trends start and build by looking at people on the subway. Back in the fall I started to notice girls wearing simple feather headbands. “Easy craft, anyone can do it!” I thought …

Inspiration Board : Balloons

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For most people Spring is marked with longer days and budding flowers. For some reason, this year I am feeling the passage with balloons. I found this photo a few months ago (but of course forgot to mark where from – anyone know?) and think it has to be one of the most perfect party …

Celebrate : Party Time!

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Hi there– Valerie Courtney here. I’m an associate crafts designer in the product design department here at Martha. I am thrilled to be representing our department as a contributor here on the crafts blog. I’ll be offering glimpses into our daily lives as designers at the company. A topic that I think many of us …