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Patriotic Dog Bow-Tie

Make It : Patriotic Dog Bow-Tie

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Don’t leave your furry friends out when getting dressed for this year’s Fourth of July celebration! Our Patriotic Dog Bow-Tie may be just the festive accessory that Fido has been looking for. And for other pet ideas for July 4, check out these stars from last year’s Patriotic Pet contest. Find the details on …


Behind the Scenes : Bandannas

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While working on the bandannas story with the collecting department (for the July issue of Living), I learned that this humble cloth has quite a history. Made famous by Martha Washington, and popularized by cowboys and rock-n-rollers, the bandanna has become a symbol of Americana. Using only indigo-blue ones, we found many ways to feature vintage …

Behind the Scenes : Made for a Cause

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Here is a peek at what I have been working on for this year’s Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair. There are three pieces in the collection, each with a different meaning, and with proceeds from each going to benefit a different organization I feel passionate about. . . The Chimp I was lucky to have …

Felted Dog Wigs

Make It : Felted Dog Wigs

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In preparation for Halloween, I was given the task of developing costumes for Martha’s gorgeous Frenchies, Sharkey and Francesca. What better way to show off the girls’ fabulousness than with brand-new hairdos! Check out the gallery below for instructions on how you too can fashion wigs for your dogs using wool and a very simple …

TV Crafts : Cats & Crafts

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I think anyone who has a cat is familiar with the scenario of getting set up to craft, or already totally immersed in crafting, to suddenly find a feline friend who is extremely interested in what is happening. Equally amusing and frustrating I present my two non-helper helpers. It never ceases to amaze me that …

Birds of a feather flock together

Photo Galleries : Birds of a feather flock together

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2009 was lush with crafting and homemade holidays. I gifted, and was given, more handmade treasures than ever before and for me it makes the year more memorable. I spent many nights making jewelry, crafting and sewing, leading up to Christmas and it was totally worth it! But the early bird catches the worm and …

Behind the Scenes : Doggy Costumes

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It’s the first day of Fall!  That means one thing- start thinking about your Halloween costumes!  This year Halloween falls on a Saturday so I’m sure lots of people will be going to or hosting a party.  Make sure to check out the BRAND NEW Special Issue- it’s full of great party and decorating ideas, …

Make It : Bird Perch for my new Parrotlet!

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Today’s TV Tuesday post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and new bird mommy… On a recent weekend I went to visit our pet expert Marc Morrone at his Long Island store, Parrots of the World, for an early birthday present to myself: a Parrotlet, the world’s smallest parrot! Marc gave me the grand …