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Make It : Photo Valentines

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In our February issue we  crafted with some of our favorite photos in order to add a personal touch to valentine gifts, cards and even a little decor.  These projects are quite easy to do.   We had a great time looking through our photos to find the right ones – I am sure you …

Celebrate : Graduation Celebrations

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It’s graduation season again!  If asking your grads to “say cheese” for the fiftieth time incites eye rolling, try some fun and festive backdrops that will make them eager to strike a pose.  With these balloons, you’ll never forget what year you graduated- Photo courtesy of Mint Love Social Club Our Labor of Love’s Smilebooth …

Make It : Photo Pillows

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About 10 years ago I made my mother photo pillows for Christmas.  It was before she had grandchildren,  so I made them with some vintage photos from her childhood.  Those pillows have definitely seen better days and this Thanksgiving she mentioned how much she loved them but that they were getting “a little ratty”.   …

Craft Sale 2010

Photo Galleries : Craft Sale 2010

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Thanks again to everyone who participated in the sale last Saturday! (If you are making Eric’s ornament at home, here is the template for the ribbon star.) If you missed someone on your shopping list – or, like me, are experiencing post-sale-coulda-shoulda-woulda regrets – here are some vendor sites*: Amble Through Bramble AMH Design AnnaBuilt …