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Crepe Paper Carrots

Inspiration Board : Crepe Paper Carrots

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Have you noticed that the best things in life always have an element of surprise? Surprise endings, surprise parties, surprise fillings (in pastries and in pinatas)…you name it. There’s just something so satisfying about unveiling a secret. In this month’s issue of Living, we were inspired by surprise balls for our Crepe Paper Carrots. With …

Crocheted Cowl

Make It : Crocheted Cowl

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Today’s guest post comes from Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley, co-owners of Kelbourne Woolens, distributors of The Fibre Company yarns, and authors of the new knitting book Vintage Modern Knits: “Here in Philadelphia, the advent of spring means summer is starting to feel tantalizingly close. In between the rainy days, the temperature rises just enough …

Cyanotype Tutorial

Make It : Cyanotype Tutorial

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Today’s spring-inspired guest post hails from Yellow Owl Workshop. Adapted from her new book, Christine Schmidt brilliantly demonstrates how to harness the power of sunlight in a cyanotype scarf project: “I could tell you I adore the bright daffodils peeking through the black soil, sloughing off heavy sweaters and eating asparagus anything, but I really love spring …

Woodblock Print Tutorial

Make It : Woodblock Print Tutorial

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When I first saw Tugboat Printshop at a crafts sale, I was blown away by the caliber of its work. Paul and Valerie create such beautiful imagery, and the fact that each woodblock is carved completely by hand is astounding. They are definitely top-notch (pun intended) in my books: “Today, we are going to show …

Embroidered Halloween Badges Tutorial

Make It : Embroidered Halloween Badges Tutorial

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Today’s guest project is brought to us by Stephanie Housley from Coral & Tusk. What originally started as a handmade baby gift has since turned into a business of embroidered goods (and other delights) with a little help from our very own magazine! “I decided to create my own version of the game “Memory.” I …

Apron Tutorial

Make It : Apron Tutorial

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Happy Friday!  Today’s tutorial comes to us from the brilliant Lara and Teegs, who run a screenprinting studio from the Great Down Under.  I think this is a perfect weekend project.  Not only is an apron essential when crafting, but with all the gardens and barbecues to tend to this summer, there’s no time like the …

Cocktail Party!

Make It : Cocktail Party!

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One of our favourite people here at the department is Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. Not only does she exude incredible style, she imparts such humour and wit in her work.  Fresh off the heels of the National Stationery Show (word on the street is she was a huge hit.  Huge.) Anna has come …