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A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

Inspiration Board : A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

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Daryle Earl (a.k.a. My Mom) has been quilting for 35 years – her first quilt being a baby quilt for me.  I remember my mom hand-piecing quilt blocks on the beach in the summers while she watched me frolic in the ocean, and the giant quilt hoop in her lap (usually with a cat underneath …


Inspiration Board : UFOs

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Crafters often have a collection of “UFOs”—UnFinished Objects. Some, like me, amass about as many of these as they do completed projects. Maybe more. Sometimes I give up on a project that’s too complicated or time-consuming; other times I get sick of the technique/material. But most of the time I just find something more fun …

iPhone Apps for the Organized Crafter

Photo Galleries : iPhone Apps for the Organized Crafter

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The recent update of the Everyday Food app for iPhone has had me feverishly marking favorite recipes and creating shopping lists for my in-laws’ visit this coming week. I’m again reminded of how dependent I’ve become on what I call my “gadget”—my always-on-me iPhone. And how addicted I am to those sweet little apps— Martha …

Fabric Folding

Tools & Materials : Fabric Folding

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Recently I was asked how I cut perfect squares and rectangles from my quilt fabric. The secret, for me, is how I prep and fold it. This is the way my mom taught me, and by no means the only way, but I thought I’d share it in case you find a few tips to …

The New Purl Soho

Our Sources : The New Purl Soho

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The Crafts Dept has always loved Purl & Purl Patchwork.   Who would have thought they could get any better?  They just did!  They’ve moved into a much bigger space and united into one amazing quilting & needle craft store at 459 Broome St.  Having everything in one location is certainly an exciting change.  This …

Make It : At home: DIY tray-table ironing board

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Today’s TV Tuesday post written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and TV addict: I like to believe that it’s not just me who still has those hideous wooden folding TV tray tables from the college/just-out-of-college era. My husband and I now have an actual kitchen table to eat on, but I held onto the folding …