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More Stuffed Bunnies

Make It : More Stuffed Bunnies

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A few months ago I posted about a stuffed bunny I made based on Silke’s pattern.  After making the bunny, I decided she needed a little dress.  It was easy to make the pattern- I just traced about 3/8″ around the arms, then coming out in an A-line at the bottom.  Hem the neck, cuffs, …

Inspiration Board : Skill Swap

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Have you seen the “Creative Co-op” story in the January Issue of Living? Athena tells the story of two friends Molly Schnick and Justine Delaney who decided to swap skills – Molly taught Justine to sew an apron on a machine and in turn, Justine teaches Molly to make a citrus tart. Do you do …

Make It : Beaded Button Down Shirt

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Today’s guest post comes from the talented team over at Honestly…WTF: “Simply sewing on a few sparkly beads to a shirt placket could easily transform any old item in your wardrobe, adding much needed sparkle and texture!” Materials: -Any button down shirt (we love the one they use from jcrew!) -An assortment of metal, plastic …

On The Web : Organizing for the New Year

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One of my resolutions for 2012 is the same as years past- get organized!  If you’re looking for the same result, we’ve got plenty of helpful hints for you in our organizing galleries. Here are two ideas from the galleries that I plan to start with today- The binder sewing kit, and the post-it calendar…

Make It : Tartan Stocking

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For our ‘Customs made’ story in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living, we interpreted the British Isles through Stockings. Felted sweaters and knit i cords sewn onto wool fabric became  stockings inspired by Aaran knit sweaters, and Tartan fabrics complete with fringe, tassel and pin represented Scottish Kilts. When looking for Tartan fabrics, I …

Hungarian Reindeer with Cynthia Treen

Make It : Hungarian Reindeer with Cynthia Treen

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For today’s guest post I’m thrilled to have my friend Cindy Treen share her beautiful work with the blog. One of the most talented people I know with a needle and thread, from large to small, her handcrafted work never fails to impress. This gallery is of some the quilts she has made in the …

Make It : Cross-Stitch Families

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Today’s guest post comes from Rory Evans, a freelance writer for Martha Stewart Living. As the writer assigned to many of the Living Crafts stories, I’m lucky enough to get an advance preview on all the cool projects that crafters dream up.  Recently, I was so inspired by the Generations X story about family portrait …


Make It : Owlies

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Today’s guest post was written by our friend Sarah Goldschadt, who has been known to get crafty from time to time. Sarah’s friends have just written a sweet book where all the projects are miniature, but don’t underestimate the punch of these pint-size crafts. That would be a big mistake. Big. Huge. “Hi Everyone! I’m …