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Roll-Up Accessory Case Tutorial

Make It : Roll-Up Accessory Case Tutorial

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Today’s post was written by Ashley Little, a Web producer for “On Mother’s Day weekend, sewers across the country hosted Singer Sew Very Easy house parties sponsored by Singer and House Party. I’m always up for a craft party, so I invited 16 friends to my Brooklyn apartment. (Somehow, we all fit in there!) …

INFINITE VARIETY - Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

Around Town : INFINITE VARIETY - Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts

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Currently on display at the Park Avenue Armory here in NYC is one of the most impressive installations I have seen in a long time. Infinite Variety consists of 650 quilts, all red and white, hung dramatically from the rafters of the cavernous drill hall of the armory. I love how this moment came to happen: …

Inspiration Board : Carving Tool Holder

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My husband carved this “bird” out of a piece of driftwood we found during a trip to the San Juan Islands. He gave it to me for my birthday, with the disclaimer that it wasn’t quite finished yet. But I love how “not done” it looks, how it just embraces what nature has already carved …

Make It : Gift for a (Future) Bread Baker

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When my dear friend came to visit, I made the no-knead bread for her. (I must admit a slight obsession with baking that bread … it is almost as satisfying to me as finishing a perfectly crafted/sewn/knit gift). My friend loved the bread, but given that she lives far away and I can’t make it …

Make It : Wedding Dolls

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My sweet little (or not so little) cousin just got married. A perfect small wedding, no white dress, no registry…just a very happy young couple. I’m sad I couldn’t be there, but thought it was silly to send fancy dishes or napkins, as that is just not the life they live, in a little cottage …

Make It : Fingerless Mittens in No Time

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‘Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the tube, the weathermen were promising us lots of snow. The children were jumping all up in their beds, while visions of snowballs danced in their heads…. That’s where the story ends and reality hit—I had forgotten my mittens at the office and hate the cold enough …


Photo Galleries : Quilts

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For the “Quilt to Last” story in the January issue of Living, Silke dreamed up some modern quilted projects using the traditional log-cabin technique. I was lucky enough to help her sew some of them. Here are a few planning/development pictures…

Make It : Quilted Potholder

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What came first, the chicken or the quilted potholder?! Well, for the cover of the January issue of Martha Stewart Living it may have been the chicken…but take a look at the potholder in the story: The two have quite a bit in common—both are basic and traditional and easy. Yet both slightly intimidate at …