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A Patchwork Pillow

Make It : A Patchwork Pillow

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Our dear friend Laura Normandin is having a baby! We made a collective gift for Laura—an embroidered patchwork pillow. Athena cut small squares of linen, we each embroidered one or two, and then Steph assembled them into a pillow. It was great seeing all the different styles and techniques together—a personal gift with a lot …

A Wee Wonderfuls World

Make It : A Wee Wonderfuls World

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We’re pretty big on Dreamers Into Doers around here, which is why I’m so happy to present Hillary Lang today. A librarian on maternity leave, she started Wee Wonderfuls as a way to document her creations and connect with the crafts community. What started as a blog has grown into an online business and a book. From …

Apron Tutorial

Make It : Apron Tutorial

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Happy Friday!  Today’s tutorial comes to us from the brilliant Lara and Teegs, who run a screenprinting studio from the Great Down Under.  I think this is a perfect weekend project.  Not only is an apron essential when crafting, but with all the gardens and barbecues to tend to this summer, there’s no time like the …

Make It : Linen Napkins

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As I mentioned recently, I just attended the bridal shower of a dear friend.  For her gift, I wanted to give something practical from the registry, but also a handmade element.  My solution- steak knives paired with handmade linen dinner napkins!  Since I wanted Jenn to choose the linen, I made one dummy napkin to …

sharing the love of crafting (for each other)

Inspiration Board : sharing the love of crafting (for each other)

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It all started when I made a vest and sweater for my sons and our friend Julie was full of praise. It inspired me to make a grown up vest, which Julie and Nick ended up buying from me at the Craft fair. I was curious how they would share this one vest, and it …

Tools & Materials : Seersucker

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Seersucker, the typically striped, light, puckered cotton, is a perfect summer textile.  If you wear seersucker, its slack-tension weave creates pockets of air between you and your garment that keep you cool.  Its rough texture feels casual and needn’t be ironed. What better way to dress your table this summer?  We made these seersucker napkins …

Stylists Get Crafty

TV Crafts : Stylists Get Crafty

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Today’s post is written by set stylist Dani Fiore from The Martha Stewart Show: Some shows develop then change – develop some more and change and change again. It’s the nature of live TV! Our Google Cook-off show turned out to be one of those shows. Hosanna and the crafters were swamped so Kait, Kelli …

Birthday Sewing Box

Celebrate : Birthday Sewing Box

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My dear friend Goli recently got a sewing machine, so I thought it would be an appropriate birthday gift to put together a special sewing box. I found a nice simple box at West Elm, the perfect little inserts and dividers at the Container Store and the goodies for the inside at Michaels and local sewing …