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Make It : Better Late Than Never?

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The holidays are over…that must mean it’s time for me to make my holiday card! I seem to always miss Hanukkah and Christmas. In years past, my husband and I have sent out New Years or Valentines cards instead (Thank you St. Valentine for the February extension!) I like to send gifty-ish cards and while …

Make It : simply change the buttons

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Buttons seem to be the part that designers skimp on first …. what a shame. It has such an impact ! So more often than not when I buy a piece of clothing, the first thing I do is to change the buttons. Most recently I replaced the plastic molded hideous shank buttons on an …

Around Town : "Before and After” Craft Show at Gallery Hanahou

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Last week I stopped by Gallery Hanahou for the opening of “Before and After,” a show by Ossu! Shugeibu, the “macho” Japanese crafting club. The gallery was packed, and the evening was a lot of fun.  There was even an impromptu group crafting project! All of the work is created from ordinary objects transformed into …

Behind the Scenes : More about DIY Weddings

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Remember Corinne’s post last March about Crafting on the side? She introduced us to Handle & Spout,  the festive line of accessories that she and Blake create. Well, this Summer’s “Martha Stewart Weddings” is all about DIY Style, and Blake shares their secrets to dazzling handmade fabric flowers. Even if you don’t have a wedding …

Make It : Another Stuffed Animal from a Drawing

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Who would’ve thought that ‘Puppy’ would be so popular. Well, my older son also did a drawing that turned into a stuffed character: A 10 year old’s imagination is certainly different than that of a a 7 year old. But it’s still quite sweet, no !…

Inspiration Board : TV Inspiration (Part II)

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Hello again from the TV staff! In our post last week about where we get our inspiration, we forgot to mention our most important resource – Martha Stewart herself. We are extremely fortunate at the television studio to have a very regular interaction with her, and it’s natural for us to get a great deal …

Make It : 'Puppy' Stuffed Animal from My Son's Drawing

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My son drew this picture a while ago with the request for me to make it into a stuffed animal. Sorry it took so long, but here is ‘puppy’. Happy Birthday, D ! You can make similar toys from your child’s drawings like this too…

Open Studio : New Sewing Station

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It’s great to get a fresh start in the new Craft room. We decided to put the sewing station in the corner. The wall of windows provides a great view of the city and a lot of light, perfect for sewing. We got a large table for the new Pfaff creative 2.0, it looks amazing. I have …