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Inspiration Board : Let It Snow

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We have been surrounded by snow in New York since the day after Christmas. Now it has become a bit too dirty and too icy for crafting, but in preparation for the next snowfall here are some of my favorite projects. Mini snowmen are perfect for a light snowfall (not that much snow is required). …

Bright & Beautiful

Behind the Scenes : Bright & Beautiful

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When I joined the magazine, my first assignment was the outdoor lighting story featured in the December issue of Living. Eric, Marcie, and I traveled to beautiful Vermont with the promise of heavy snowfall, but we met many challenges along the way: a HEAVY 16-foot tree, slippery farm roads, and unpredictable weather patterns, to name …

On The Web : Snowed in?

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If, like me, this time of the year has your yearning for spring, well, remember it’s only February and there’s still a lot of winter left.  Don’t despair; there are plenty of fun crafts that are exclusively for these chilly months. like this snow caterpillar these felted mittens and this snowman’s rosy cheeks These are …