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Inspiration Board : embellished 'Saturday' napkins

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Our dear friends at Kate Spade ‘Saturday’ design many great things. I especially like their home collection. When I saw these napkins, I right away thought of my mom’s house. Perfect, as her birthday was coming up.   I personalized them using a simple running stitch and let the graphic pattern inspire me (as I had done …

Around Town : Metalliferous' New Vintage Section

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We’ve long coveted the unique and somewhat hidden shop Metalliferous – located on 46th street between fifth and sixth avenues in Manhattan. I love that you have to walk into a bit of a dingy looking building, climb a few flights of stairs (all the while convinced you’re lost) before you finally arrive at the …

Around Town : Kiosk, NYC

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While we have dozens of go-to shops and sources in NYC, Kiosk stands out as a unique example.  The store is hidden away on a busy SoHo street- a little treasure that you’ll find when you follow this neon sign through a door and up a dim staircase. Inside, the store is bright and colorful- …

Around Town : On the Radio with Etsy

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For the Sirius satellite radio subscribers out there, we’ll be on the air with two of our friends from Etsy today- please tune in! Do you share Etsy seller Madama Robe’s sentiment? Emily Bidwell, Etsy’s Style Expert, is one of the company’s earliest employees.  She will speak about the history of the site, and give …

On The Web : Our Favorite Pinterest Boards

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Are you on Pinterest yet? We’re sort of obsessed here the Crafts Department…it’s such a great source for inspiration! Today we thought we’d share with you our favorite Craft and DIY Boards on Pinterest. There are thousands of boards out there, but below are our picks if you’re new to the site, in need of …

Wool and the Gang

Inspiration Board : Wool and the Gang

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Today’s post comes from our Art Department Assistant (and avid knitter!) Paulie Dibner: Our gorgeous spring has taken a small turn, and we’ve had some chilly weather the past few days. I’m excited for the sunshine to come back, but my brisk walk to work has given me the opportunity to pull out a scarf …

Around Town : New York Shopping, a tale of three Pearls

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The other day on one of my many shopping adventures in New York, I discovered the three stores on my list that day were Pearl Paint, Purl Soho and Pearl River. A trifecta! I had to blog about it, of course. Pearl Paint is a huge craft supply store on Canal and Mercer street in …

Our Sources : The Chocolate Vault

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Did you see the adorable white and milk chocolate bunnies Jodi used in her “Beyond the Basket” story from the April issue of Living? In case you haven’t noticed, chocolate rabbits play an important part in our crafts and decorations for Easter around here! That said, we’re excited to share with you our source for …