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Inspiration Board : Velvet Burnout with Kevin O'Brien Studio

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Last week on the Martha Stewart Show, guest Kevin O’Brien showed Martha one of the processes that he uses to create his amazing textiles as seen above and below. The process is called velvet burnout and so much fun to learn about and not as difficult as I thought it might be! Some things to …

John Derian Company

Around Town : John Derian Company

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Last Thursday, both the TV Crafts Department and the creative team for the upcoming holiday special took a trip down to the John Derian Company store on East 2nd Street in Manhattan. After a glowing review from Martha and Kevin Sharkey, we knew we had to check out the newest Christmas wares on display and …

The New

On The Web : The New "Our Finds" Blog

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You may be familiar with the Our Finds section of Martha Stewart Living (a collection of the editors’ favorite products, places, foods, artisans, etc.). But have you seen the brand new Our Finds blog?   Check out our post today! &nbsp…

Antiquing with the Collecting Department

Around Town : Antiquing with the Collecting Department

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A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take a day trip down to Kutztown, Pennsylvania, with the Collecting Department. Fritz and Liz toured me around a large outdoor antiques show, as well as several antiques shops that Fritz knew well in the area. There were so many treasures—I’ve never seen anything like it! …

Inspiration Board : Embroidery Designs

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I’ve been working on an embroidery project recently, and thinking about it has led me to find some interesting embroidery-related things online. Below is an assortment of things I’ve fancied lately. Elsie Svennas published several books (in both Swedish and English) on embroidery, lettering, and quilting in the 1960s. Sadly they’re now out of print …

Inspiration Board : Matta

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I couldn’t figure out if I should file this post under ‘Inspiration Board’ or ‘Our Sources,’ as the store Matta truly is both—a source of inspiration. We go there to borrow clothes as props for our shoots (most recently in the story ‘A New Twist’ in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living ) and leave …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Our Top 10 NYC Destinations

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Last week on the Bloggers Night Out, we posted the editors’ NYC passports, stamped with our top NYC destinations. In her comment on the post, Shirley asked: Any way you could share the top NYC craft destinations with us? I wasn’t able to make out all of them from the photo. Thanks! We’d love to, Shirley!  Here …

Habu Textiles

Our Sources : Habu Textiles

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This store is hardly just a yarn store, and certainly not the kind of yarn store you may be used to. Located on the 8th floor in a nondescript building in New York’s flower district, Habu Textiles is more like a work room and when you enter, you feel like you’ve entered the world of some very …