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Valentine Sticker Charm Bracelet—How Charming!

Make It : Valentine Sticker Charm Bracelet—How Charming!

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Sometimes I get an idea stuck in my head, but I’m not too sure what I’m going to do about executing it. With Valentine’s Day descending on us, I have had heart charms on my mind. Wanting to make a bracelet, but not too clear on what I wanted to make the charms from, it …

Contests & Prizes : Sweet Giveaway (Contest Expired)

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Our Valentines gift to a lucky someone is a set of three new Valentines items from Martha Stewart Crafts: a sheet of 20 wrapped candy and heart  stickers, a sheet of 17 cupcake and candy stickers, and a Valentines stamp and ink set (includes red, brown and pink ink pads and 21 clear assorted Valentines …