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I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

Make It : I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

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There are a few craft projects that we often refer back to—projects that fellow coworkers loved and look forward to making themselves. One came from a guest crafter, Regina Lord, a few seasons back. She joined Martha on the show to make a clever, reverse-appliqué eyeball T-shirt. The spying eyes were such a hit that …

Make It : Kyle's Birthday Follow-up

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Today’s TV Tuesday follow-up post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and consumer of vegan scones … The “I Heart Hugs” Day for Kyle’s Birthday was a great success!! As planned, Kyle was completely surprised when he saw all his coworkers wearing the T-shirts. The event put a smile on everyone’s face and brought …

Make It : Kyle's Birthday

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Today’s bonus TV post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and friend to all animals: One of the perks of being a Crafter for the “Martha Stewart Show” is being able to meet and work with our craft guests, who come to our studio from near and far to share their ideas, designs, and …