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A Peek Inside Our Drawers

Behind the Scenes : A Peek Inside Our Drawers

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[We mean our TV set drawers!] Our rule since the beginning has been that everything on the set WORKS. Nothing is simply a prop. You’ve seen the beautifully styled craft room, and probably noticed the gorgeous ribbon, fabric, and tools that our talented stylist Chip Glynn sets out to coordinate with every season. But did …

Around Town : The Crafts Dept. Visits TV

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Perhaps you saw today’s Martha Stewart Show? It was the Crafting show, in honor of the new Craft Encyclopedia launch, so our whole department joined the studio audience this morning. Marcie spoke a little about the book, and will be crafting on the show later this week. Athena’s got a craft segment lined up as …

TV Crafts : TV Tuesday!

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Hello from TV Crafts! We are really thrilled about the new blog! We crafters over at “The Martha Stewart Show” — Hosanna, Aaron, Kristin and Kirsten — will be blogging weekly on the variousĀ  goings-on in the television studio and our workroom. We have an extremely fast-paced schedule and we’re always on our toes creatively, …