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Tools & Materials : Zenith Staplers

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One of my favorite office supplies- the Zenith Stapler!  These Italian staplers are sturdy, and come in fun colors.  They are easily stored flat in a desk drawer (at 3/4″ wide, they are very sleek!).  Best of all, the staples are tiny- 6mm as opposed to the 12mm size we are accustomed to.  Zenith Staplers …

TV Crafts : Inspired by: Scissors!

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In honor of the new Martha craft book, and well, crafting in general, I share my favorite tool…scissors! The large tailor’s shears above were the first pair I ever became obsessed with.  They belonged to my father and I recall as a kid loving them and needing to use both hands when he occasionally let …

Contests & Prizes : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

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Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts is finally here this March 31st ! For the past year we have been working hard on our second craft book.  It is truly our approach to Fabric Crafts and includes techniques most sewing books don’t normally cover.  In addition to sewing, quilting and embroidery we also …

Tools & Materials : Knitwit Availability

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If you’re having trouble tracking down a KnitWit after reading our story in December’s issue, don’t you worry.  It’s available in a few places.  We’ve spoken with the folks at and their online store should be working later today.  If you can’t wait that long, try,, or Haven’t seen the story …

Marbleizing Supplies

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Marbleizing Supplies

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Angie asks: I want to make the marbleized paper, but I can’t find alum or methyl cellulose-any suggestions?  Will liquid starch work as well?  We are working our way through the Craft Encyclopedia! Wow, Angie, and you’re already at M for marbleizing!?  Marbleizing is fun and easy, but it really does require the right materials.  …

On The Web : Pumpkin Carving

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Tired of the same old jack-o’-lanterns?  Or maybe you’re attending a carving party and want to shake things up?  Make sure to check out the web- we’ve got tons of ideas!  But how to decide what’s right for you?  Take our Pumpkin Personality quiz!  But for now, a few images to get you in the …

Inspiration Board : Post-it Notes

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I know I am repeating myself – and others – but seriously, the stuff being done with post-its lately is worth a second mention.    A friend of mine just sent me this animated video, done entirely in colored post-it notes.  This wallpaper is made of layers of multi-colored post-its that create an ever-changing pattern …

Inspiration Board : In My Dreams

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I should have probably already known about these, but I just came across the Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Colored Pencils this weekend. They are stunning. I don’t use colored pencils a lot so even though they seem to get top marks all around for quality, I’m really just wooed by their look. I suggest making a …