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Summer Camp Care Package

Make It : Summer Camp Care Package

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My brother went to camp on Sunday and I miss him already!  I know how fun it is to receive mail, especially at camp, so I’ve put together a package for him.  I had a hard time thinking of things a sixteen-year-old boy may like- check out the photo gallery below to see what I …

Make It : My Favorite Book Project

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There are so many projects in this book I want to try, make as gifts, for my house …. but my very favorite project, I have made often for friends’ as well as my own children, are these dolls. Since I hardly ever have time to sit still at a sewing machine, I love projects …

The Tale of Ted

TV Crafts : The Tale of Ted

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Ted is the beloved bear of set stylist and cookie decorator extraordinaire Daniele Boglivi Fiori. She has had him for many years and of course is very attached to him. Then one day Dani and her husband added a new member to their family, a sweet dog, most of the time, by the name of …

Inspiration Board : Playing Cards

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Have you seen these new “love” stamps? There’s something that’s both totally classic & totally sweet about the king & queen of hearts motif. I had to buy them immediately.  They also prompted me to look through our playing card collection here in the prop house. I love the dense patterning on the card backs, …

Inspiration Board : Cardboard

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I just finished helping Laura with this adorable cardboard cat playhouse (originally designed by her husband for their cat, Maggie) for the new Pets section on the Martha Stewart site. I really loved working with the simple cardboard material and before I realized it, I started seeing amazing bits of cardboard inspiration all over: From …

Inspiration Board : TV Inspiration (Part II)

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Hello again from the TV staff! In our post last week about where we get our inspiration, we forgot to mention our most important resource – Martha Stewart herself. We are extremely fortunate at the television studio to have a very regular interaction with her, and it’s natural for us to get a great deal …

Make It : 'Puppy' Stuffed Animal from My Son's Drawing

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My son drew this picture a while ago with the request for me to make it into a stuffed animal. Sorry it took so long, but here is ‘puppy’. Happy Birthday, D ! You can make similar toys from your child’s drawings like this too…