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Inspiration Board : Woolies

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British sailors crafted “Woolies” primarily between 1840-1880. These skilled and self-taught needle workers created intricately embroidered images of their ships during their free time. Here are some photos from a recent exhibit I saw at Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park & Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland. This ship seems to have met an unfortunate end… I …

TV Crafts : Gas Station USA

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TV Tuesday post by Kristin, TV Crafter and back seat driver On a recent trip cross country—from southern California back home to New York City—we stopped in many interesting places and saw many different things, obviously… but what I did not expect to visit so many times, or spend so much time at, were your …

Behind the Scenes : Lasting Impressions

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If you don’t already have your June ’09 Martha Stewart Living Issue… grab one before it’s too late!  I’m really excited about the summer crafts story entitled “Lasting Impressions”.  It is full of simple (yet sophisticated) printing projects that can take as little as 20 minutes to create.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo …

Inspiration Board : The Irish Coast

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Last summer I spent a week traveling along the southern coast of Ireland. It was an amazing trip. I was really taken with the natural patterns in the landscape. I kept thinking to myself, if I were a textile designer this would be my inspiration. Wouldn’t you just love an entire summer wardrobe in these …

Inspiration Board : Saint Tropez!

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Some more photos from my recent trip to France! I love the muted and beachy colors of these buildings on the waterfront We were lucky enough to catch the big Tuesday Market- what a treat! Even the trash in France is beautiful! We came across these discarded shutters near the beach. The beautiful blue is …

TV Crafts : That's a wrap!

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We TV crafters have finished production for our 4th season of “The Martha Stewart Show,” and after a little bit of cleanup/organizing, we are going our separate ways for several weeks to refresh and get inspired for Season 5. Some of the plans we’re looking forward to: Kristin is heading out to California to visit …

Inspiration Board : Paris in the springtime!

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Some photos from my recent trip to France… Beautiful mosaic in a Paris Metro station Colorful storefronts by the canal I love the way this croissant was wrapped- folded in parchment with the corners twisted… and how cute is that paper?! You wouldn’t believe this HOT CHOCOLATE! Melted chocolate with a small pitcher of steamed …

Inspiration Board : The Travel Guy

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Today’s TV Tuesday post written by Aaron Caramanis, Crafter/Set Decorator: So, I’m considered the “travel guy” of our department. In my mind, I think I’ve slowed down, but the girls are quick to disagree. One thing I enjoy when abroad, especially if I’m on my own, is to take a factory tour. Usually these are …